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Newborn Baby Checklist - Items List for Baby Needs

Updated on August 21, 2017
Checklist of Things a Baby Needs - Preparing for a New Baby
Checklist of Things a Baby Needs - Preparing for a New Baby

Preparing for a New Baby

Preparing for a new baby can help change your life for the better. Your newborn will need many baby items and a lot of attention. You will have to start getting sleep when your baby gets sleep. Having a baby will not be cheap; babies need many items, especially if they are your first born child. The first thing to buy is a wooden baby bed, babies need to get used to sleeping in their own bed at an early stage. Many parents prefer to buy baby-beds rather than bassinettes, because of the quality. And wooden baby beds last longer. Also buying baby blankets is a necessity, your nurse will show you how to wrap your new born lightly with a blanket. Babies sleep better when they are swaddled with their blanket, and they feel more secure. Wrapping a new born lightly with a baby blanket, reminds them of being in the uterus. It gives them a secure, safe, and warm feeling.

Some mothers prepare for a new baby to breastfeed, because breast milk is more natural. The formula milk is an imitation of breast milk. The best way to breast feed is to learn how before the baby is born, by reading information about breastfeeding. When the baby is first born, your nurse will bring in free diapers and free formula milk. They will give your baby formula milk if you don't let them know that you are breastfeeding. There are some mothers that choose to breastfeed their baby, because they feel that breast milk has many benefits for the child and the mother.

Checklist of Things a Baby Needs

Baby oil
Diaper wipes
Baby toys
Baby shampoo
Baby bed
Sheets and quilt
Baby soap
Car seat
Baby bathtub
Glass bottles
Baby clothes
Baby food
Distilled water
Baby lotion
Baby hats
Baby coat, sweater, jacket
Cloth diapers & pins
Baby carrier/sling
Diaper rash cream
Baby rattle and teething toy
Baby rattle and toys
Baby fingernail clippers
Baby fingernail clippers
Formula milk (optional)
Breastfeeding bottles
Baby feeding spoon
Baby feeding bowl
Baby teething cookies
Story books for babies
Organic toothpaste
Baby scrapbook for photos
Baby toothbrush (for gums or any teeth)
Baby music carousel (for baby bed)
Baby washcloths and towels
Cotton balls (100% cotton)
Breast pump (if breastfeeding)
Baby stroller (of quality)
CD's for learning the alphabet
Baby cereal
Silicone bottle nipples (clear)
Bulb syringe for nose mucus

Another thing to buy for your household and new baby are "plastic plug-ins" for the electrical wall sockets to prevent your child from putting things in the electrical wall sockets. Having a child is a gift from God, as parents we should teach our children right-from-wrong. God give children as a gift and a blessing. New babies need many items, but mostly babies need love and care from those that around the baby.

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