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Never Say these words to your kids.

Updated on November 16, 2014

What Kids do?

During Childhood, every one will be mischievous. And Sometimes, Parents were unable to tolerate the noise of their kids. So, They will start shouting at them, when ever they were doing some mischievous things. They will even frighten them with the words "Let father come, I will complain him" and "Your sibling has never made any noise". These words will hurt their blossom hearts and they will be disappointed with their acts. Sometimes, we will use some words, which seems to be helpful to the kids, But, It will show affect on our kids. So, If you want to let your child grow, in a healthy environment, It will be better to give up those words.

Let us know which words will effect your child?

Mischievous Kids

Mischievous Acts done by kids
Mischievous Acts done by kids | Source

You have done a nice job.

Yes, It may seems great, when we hear it from any one. But, When we use these words with our kids, It will definitely show some effect.

When your kids, did any task completely, with out any ones help. You will try to appreciate their ability to finish the task. So, In order to encourage them, You will just say "You have done a nice job" or "You are a very good child". Even, your kid will be happy with the words, said by you. So, He always expects the same words from you, when he finishes a task. So, But, If the same habit continues for a long time, He will finds himself unable to do a task, without any ones appreciation or encouragement. So, When you want to appreciate them, Just say that, "I like the way, you have done the work". When won a match, with his team. Don't say "You have a great win", Instead use, "I appreciate the way, you helped your team mates in winning this game."

Great Job

You have done a great job
You have done a great job | Source

Let Me Help You.

Parents used to give, instructions and suggestions to their children all the time. But, Sometimes, they will feel frightened with the acts done by their children. So, They will give them some cautions in doing some things, This will arise some doubts in the minds of their children, that they feel something wrong with the task they are doing.

So, The kids will stop concentration on their task, and starts thinking on the cautions behind that task. This may effect their self confidence and they starts depending on others, for every task, they have to do. So, Let your child do any thing first, If they commit any mistakes, give them a chance to recognize their mistakes and rectify themselves.

Give them enough freedom for their brains to know the importance of mistakes, and their harmful effects. This is make them, no to repeat those for the next time. Those mistakes will surely put them on the right track. But, If they were unable to identify their mistakes, teach them, what they have committed and how it should be corrected. Shouting at them in a loud voice, when ever they commits a mistake, will never give good results, on the other hand it will shows some bad effects between your parent - child relationship.

Let your kids, try on their own.

I will try
I will try | Source

Everything will be Alright.

It is a common fact that, Every kid tries to play, whenever he finds some time. And they will fall down on the ground. What will happen next? Tears starts rolling from their eyes, and they will start crying with pain in a loud voice. We will see most of the parents, using these words "Everything will be Alright". But, If we think for a second, why we were using a word like this. We will realize the mistake, we are committing.

The kid has been crying with pain, as he fell down, How can it will be alright? There might be something wrong with it. So, Saying a word like this will not be advisable for any parents. It will not show good effects. Here, We must understand the psychological behavior of our kids, and find out a solution to reduce your pain. You must try to apply some ointment or some bandage to reduce bleeding, and have to make him stop crying.

If your kid is still crying, just talk to them, as if you were a kid. You can give them a kiss, or a hug, to make them forget his pain. Then, when ever your kid fell down, then will just come to you, for your hug or kiss without crying.

Everything is alright
Everything is alright | Source

How will you treat your kids, when they do mischievous things?

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Always Late

In these days, We will find many young people and elders, unable to get up early, and their words were always late.

If a elder person cannot do things, at the right time. How can a kid manage all these things, with out their parents help?

The clock has already struck 8 am. Your kid was busy having his breakfast. But, he tries to tie his shoelace (even though, he doesn't know how to tie it perfectly). The school bus starts shouting. In addition to it, You have started shouting at him, to finish off things quickly. This will really add some more stress to his brain. Because, As he was busy with his shoelace, he cannot concentrate on his breakfast. And your words will really hurt him. You have been instructing him, to be early. But, Can he has enough knowledge to manage all his things?

So, Its better for you to start using the word "We" here. Just told them, that "We must be early for all things," and "we must get ready, before the bus arrives". This will give some confidence in them, as you were giving some support to him. He will stop thinking that, he is single, in managing his works. Now he will think that, Both you and him, were the same. Even, You can give him much support, by keeping a race between you and him. "Who will get ready first?". This will definitely attracts your kid, Because, they doesn't want to lose the race.

Never be late

Never be late
Never be late | Source

Never Talk to Strangers.

Before knowing the actual meaning of the above heading, You will ask me, Why is it a wrong word to say?

Yes. It may not be a wrong word for any parents, to say to their kids. But, Before using this word, You must give them some guidance, to identify them, who are strangers?

Fine. Everyone, whom we don't know were strangers. It was a right fact. But, How if your kids, unable to talk to Policemen, or some higher officials, thinking them as strangers? So, In order to avoid these works from your kids, Its better to have a soft talk with them, explaining the difference between the people. Don't say them "Never Talk to Strangers", But tell them "Never Accept any thing from Strangers".

You must give them some information, what they have to do if a stranger tries to offer something, a chocolate or lift, How they can take help? And try to me as much close to your kids. Tell them to treat you as their Friend, so that they will share everything with you. They will complain you, when anyone tease them, threaten them or even when they were in a state of confusion. This will make them feel comfortable, when expressing their views with you. This kind of act, may avoid many problems in the upcoming years too.

Say No to Strangers

Never accept anything from Strangers.
Never accept anything from Strangers. | Source

Have you been a good parent to your kid?

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Be the best parents to your kids.

Kids are always kids. So, It is your responsibility to look after them, with as much care, you can show them. It was your discipline, that will reflects your kids activity. So, Bend the rod, while its still hot. Because, If you cannot put them on the track, when they were kids. You will not be able to do that task, as they grows up.

A task delayed is task denied. If you be a good parent, if you can make them learn good things. Shouting or beating, never handles a situation. Only showing your love will good results to control your kids feelings. Never be too late, to put your children lean good things. Because, Future is nothing but the reaction of our past actions. So, If we do good during the present, We will get good things, in Future.

So, Be a friend to your kid from today.

Be the best parents, to your kids.

Parents and kids
Parents and kids | Source
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