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Expensive Designer Perfumes for Babies Trigger Claims of Exploitation

Updated on November 20, 2016
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John uses his research background in Biochemistry & Physiology to develop review articles - pregnancy, babies, infants, children, teenagers

The launch of expensive 'designer' perfumes for babies has caused a stink among early childhood specialists, parents and 'Do-gooders' around the globe.

''It's outrageous."

''What's wrong with baby smell anyway?"

"It's commercial exploitation."

But, the reality is that the scent of babies has been embellished for decade via the shampoos, soaps and scented baby powder that everyone has been using for years.

Do babies really need artificial fragrance? Why does it matter anyway?

What are the Pros and Cons of perfumes for babies?

Are baby perfumes unnecessary?
Are baby perfumes unnecessary? | Source
Do babies need perfume?
Do babies need perfume? | Source
Most people love and appreciate the unique natural scent of babies
Most people love and appreciate the unique natural scent of babies | Source
Do babies need designer perfumes?
Do babies need designer perfumes? | Source

What are the Pros and Cons of perfumes for babies?

Would you douse your newborn baby in expensive designer 'baby perfume'? The perfume manufacturers think so, because they have released various products costing $100 or more. Many women pay similar prices for their own fragrances. Why not indulge themselves in beautiful designer perfumes for their babies? Male scents and perfumes have become very popular and so it is not about gender. Is this commercial exploitation of babies?

Every wondered what that 'natural baby smell' is in reality?

The smell of new babies is often the lingering scent of popular baby shampoos, soaps and powders such as 'No More Tears' shampoo, Pears Soap and the popular scented baby powders that most people use liberally when changing diapers, or after a bath. Many parents have also used lavender body wash, scented baby massage oils and so-called mild natural soaps, all of which have distinct odors that we have all become accustomed to and call the 'natural baby smell'.

What could be more heavenly and more luxuriously packaged than these baby products? They make better gifts and why should they not be expensive and high quality replacements for the standard shampoos, soaps and lotions that parents already use.

What makes the beautifully crafted, alcohol-free, exceptional quality, luxury baby care items any more evil than some cheap, low quality and ipoorly formulated budget shampoo or soap? Surely that make no sense, when you realise that the "natural baby smell" is probably the odors of the baby care products were have simply used for generations.

Many parents lavish their babies with designer clothes, prams, strollers, cots and other items, so why not baby perfumes?

Are the Criticisms a Storm in a Baby Cup!

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