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Newborn Massage

Updated on January 25, 2012

Newborn Massage

I'm so excited, just finished my first day of training in newborn massage. Who knew how many aspects could be covered in such a short time. Imagine, in 20 minutes your infant can be sleeping better, have better digestion, be relieved of colic, have a brain development boast, and have higher self esteem.

First we were taught, never use an oil with a nut base, such as almond, in case of allergies. Olive oil, cold pressed is what the instructor brought as an example. Warm your hands with the oil, after making sure the room is warm, the colors muted, and parent or parents, are comfortable on the floor, with area under the baby well padded, Classical music or not in the background, but nothing blaring nor distracting.

Start by showing the baby your hands, and ask permission to proceed. Begin with the feet, gentle but firm strokes, next the arms, the abdomen, the back, and finally the face. But never use oil on the face. Do each stroke 3 times, and at the end integrate it all. I wish I had more time to go onto detail, but I need to review my notes, and prepare for class in the AM. It's 4 days of 9 - 5 training, and a test in the end. I'll elaborate more when I'm done.


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    • RitaDoulaRN profile image

      Rita 6 years ago from North Long Beach, California

      Oh yeah, all my students in OB in Nursing are told it IS to be done. I heard Nils Bergman speak a few years back, he is awesome. Because of a glitch, his notes did not print out, so everyone who attended got his original material. I did a presentation at school for my Masters, and got an A, and even the teachers had questions for me. It brought up the whole standard of the course.

    • profile image

      kelleyward 6 years ago

      I think newborn massage is sooo important! Have you checked into the idea of kangaroo care yet? It is another way to use oxytocin and touch to promote bonding. I wrote a hub on this! Thanks for sharing.