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Family History; Ancestry St. Peter & St. Paul, Newport Pagnell - Burial Register 1655-1657

Updated on September 30, 2011
Reconstructed tomb of Thomas Abbott Hamilton at St. Peter & St. Paul Church, Newport Pagnell
Reconstructed tomb of Thomas Abbott Hamilton at St. Peter & St. Paul Church, Newport Pagnell

This list is taken directly from the handwritten Newport Pagnell Parish Register, I have transcribed them in the order that they were written. Please, please bear in mind that these pages had deteriorated to some extent so I have transcribed as best I could. All spellings are not amended and are exactly as they were written.

I love the olde spellings included in this Parish Register, obviously they may not be the correct spellings i.e. if you're looking for Rigby then I would look at the Riggbe and Riggbee listed below.


Allin, Archbole, Arnoll, Askew, Barker, Barrat, Barringhum, Barton, Bechum, Bell, Bett, Brittan, Church, Cole, Clarke, Cockin, Conny, Cooke, Covington, Cowley, Cuningham, Daborne, Davis, Emerton, Foster, Fouckes, France, Garner, Gates, Goodred, Goody, Greene, Harley, Harvey, Hensman, Hicks, Higgde, Hill, How, Howard, Jailer, Johnson, Knight, Maine, Mason, Nellson, Nichols, Palmer, Ping, Pober, Potter, Pumford, Richards, Ride, Riggbe, Riggbee, Rowton, Sanders, Savage, Sharmon, Sibley, Sillsbee, Simkins, Simmons, Siothan, Stock, Stonbridge, Thornton, Turner, Warren, Wattkins, Web, Wharton, Whitney, Withers, Woodford, Wortesley, Wright

Burial Register 1655


3rd - Son of Whitney

22th - William Woodford


2nd - Thomas Wright son of John

18th - Gishy Harley, Widow

28th - Ann Stock


1st - Lettis Hicks, Widow

6th - Ed___d Barrat, son of John

Joane Goodred

14th - Elizabeth Riggbe, daughter of Richard

17th - William Wattkins

19th - The _____ of Thom Nichols

21st - Walter Clarke

21st - Mary Wattkins, wife of George

Burial Register 1656


6th - Child of Thomas Sharmon

9th - Edward Archbole, son of George

13th - Thomas Clarke

13th - Sara Garner, wife of Thomas Garner

15th - Samuell Garner, son of Thomas Garner

27th - John Bett


2nd - Elizabeth Thornton, daughter of John

18th Amey Ride, daughter of Thomas

22nd - John Emerton, son of John

22nd - Mary Siothan, wife of Luke


1st - A__ Palmer, daughter of Thomas

28th - Richard Ping


8th - Elizabeth Greene, daughter of Richard Greene

18th - Elizabeth Potter, wife of John Potter

21st - George Kite


11th - Goody, daughter of Will

13th - Child of Will Savage

18th - Ann Cockin, daughter of John

18th - Ann Barringhum, wife of Richard

21st - Alce Johnson, daughter of Francis

25th - Sara Cole, wife of Edmund

26th - Elizabeth Daborne, daughter of Hugh

28th - The child of Francis Johnson

31st - Edward Joanes


2nd - Ralph Withers, son of Godfrey

18th - Francis Wortesley, son of Anthony


1st - Isabell Simkins, wife of Edward

3rd - Mary Gates, wife of John

10th - Mary Harvey, widow

20th - Joane Warren, widow


24th - Dorothy Fouckes, wife of Richard

24th - Thomas Mason

25th - Elizabeth Emerton


5th - Luke Richards

10th - Elizabeth Hensman, daughter of ____y

15th - Elizabeth Potter, daughter of John Potter

15th - Elizabeth Stonbridge, daughter of Peter Stonbridge

19th - Elizabeth Church, daughter of ____y

23rd - William Covington

27th - Elizabeth Bell, daughter of John

28th - ____ Johnson, daughter of John


3rd - Martha Davis, daughter of John

3rd - Thomas Cooke, son of Thomas

5th - William Cuningham, son of John

6th - Margret Sanders, daughter of Thom

13th - Wife of Robert Wharton

14th - Solomon Higgde, son of Thomas

20th - Widow Ping

22nd - Jeffery Pober, son of Jeffery

31st - Joane How, daughter of John


1st - John Knight, died 29th October

4th - Alce Simmons, widow

4th - Jane Sibley, daughter of Edward

5th - Frances Turner, daughter of Turner of Harington

6th - Elizabeth France, daughter of Rich

14th - William Arnoll


5th - Francis Barton, widow

7th - George Askew

11th - Thomas Warren, son of Thom

19th - Elizabeth Nellson, daughter of John

Burial Register 1657


6th - John Web

22nd - Robert Barker, son of Christy

26th - Edmund Foster


4th - Elizabeth Bechum, wife of Thomas

11th - John Howard

23rd - Ann Rowton, wife of Thomas Rowton


5th - John Cuningham, son of William

27th - Mary, daughter of Nicholas Conny


4th - Mary Riggbee, daughter of Robert

10th - Child of Mathias Cowley

11th - Phillis Jailer, widow

16th - Mary Cowley and daughter, wife of Matthias Cowley

17th - Samuel Pumford

19th - Mary Hill, daughter of George

20th - Ann Bett, widow

27th - Elizabeth Barnes, widow

28th - Mary Sillsbee, daughter of Robert


5th - Sara Roberts, daughter of Thom

24th - Ann Allin, daughter of Will

30th - Samuel Ba____in, son of John

31st - Robert Brittan


10th - Kendall or Randall Maine

14th - James Knight

16th - Ann Cockin, daughter of Robert


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