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Night Lights - Where to find The Best Baby and Kids Night Lights for Nurserys

Updated on September 2, 2011

Night Lights - More Creative Than Ever

If you are looking for a kids or childrens night light to soothe your little one, you couldn't have been searching at a better time.

Manufacturers are constantly coming up with more fun, creative and even educational night lights that help soothe children to sleep with ease and make life much easier on parents as well.

Cloud b, Kinderglow and Mobi are just some of the brands of night lights that your child will love falling asleep too. Parents love them as well for their ease of use and safety. Read on to find out more about these fun baby and kids night lights.

Night Lights - Cloud b Constellation Night Light

Cloud b seems to be the front runner when it comes to night lights and is one of Amazon's best sellers in their entire baby product section!

Cloud b has invented a very clever constellation night light that comes in the form of either a turtle or a ladybug.

Simply press on the hand painted turtles shell or the ladybugs wings and suddenly your child's walls and ceiling are covered in stars!

Not only are these products fun to watch, but they are also educational as well. Both the Cloud b Twilight Constellation Turtle and the Cloud b Constellation LadyBug come with instruction pamplets that can help you and your child identify 8 major constellations such as the Big Dipper and the Big Bear.

This unique night light also works on an automatic timer. It shuts itself off after 45 minutes on its own. (If you want to turn it back on - simply press shell or wings again).

These constellation night lights are the winner of several industry awards, including the Editor's Choice blue ribbon from Baby Talk,

Night Lights - KinderGlo Portable Fun and Safe Night Light

KinderGlo has also come out with a great selection of easy to use and safe kids night lights for you to choose from.

These LED Kinderglo lights bathe a room in soft light, yet are never hot to the touch.

They are Simple to use with one button to allow you to choose your settings.
You can decide on Auto Fade Off after 30 min or Continuous On of the different color settings.
These night lights soothingly change colors or you can simply leave them on plain blue, red or green.
They are rechargeable, BPA and lead free and you have three adorable lights to choose from:

  • Tyrannosaurus
  • Quarter Moon
  • KinderGlo Owl

Night Lights - Mobi Tykelight Jr.

Mobi has also come out with a safe night light that can not only be used as home but is great for travel as well.

The Mobi TykeLight Jr. emits a non-distracting soft glow that serves as the perfect nighttime buddy, travel companion, or emergency light. 

It provides the perfect ambience for breast-feeding mothers or during nighttime diaper changes.

It operates on 3 “AAA" batteries (included) and it lasts over 100 hours which means you can easily take it anywhere your little one might be sleeping.

The built in timer, when activated, will turn the light off automatically after 15 minutes.

These children night lights are kid-friendly and the size and weight fits perfectly in small hands.

They have an easy to clean surface that is safe and durable and comes in three different color choices: Blue, Green, or Pink.

Night Lights - Emphasis Portable Night Lights

These unique and revolutionary night lights can serve multiple purposes.

Not only do they make the perfect kids night light, but due to their size and portability can be used for many other situations as well such as blackout conditions (easier and safer than candles or lanterns) playhouse or fort lights, nightime trips to the bathroom, nighttime diaper changes, nighttime feedings, camp lights, backyard lighting and more!

  • The LED lights will provide 11 years of continuous life and will never need new bulbs
  • The ultra bright LED lights last over 14 hours on a single overnight charge
  • The LED lights never get hot

When placed on its rechargeable cradle, it emits a dim-colored glow, signifying that it is recharging. Once removed from the cradle the Night Light automatically shines a bright white light.

You simply have to push a button to toggle from a colored glow to a bright white light depending on your circumstances.

It will also automatically shine a bright white light during a power failure or when removed from the charging cradle which makes it a handy tool to have around the house during temporary storms or blackouts.

The unique ergonomic design is contoured to enhance any environment, or hand size, and provide easy use.

Night Lights - Plug In Night Light Options

If you would prefer a night light that will stay on all night there are a bunch of wall plug in night light options that will do the job.

These options are perfect for older children's bedrooms, dark hallways, bathrooms, kitchens or any room that you would like to keep lightly illuminated in the middle of the night.

Night Lights - Unique and Different Night Light Options

There are tons of fun night lights available that are not only handy but are great conversation pieces as well.

Here are some unique and different night lights you might want to consider.


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