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Night time Potty Training Tips For Your Children

Updated on July 19, 2011

So you have finally managed to get your toddler to go potty in the toilet during the day time! However, now the challenging thing that you are going to face is the night time potty training problems. I know that once I managed to get my daughter potty trained during the day I still faced the daunting task of night time potty training especially since she hated having to put on a pull up diaper at night time in case she had any accidents which was quite often. However, with a wide variety of tips that I found I was able to easily complete the night time potty training to the point that I can go to bed myself without having to worry about changing the sheets in the morning because she had an accident in the middle of the night which is a very comforting thought. Here are some tips that helped me out the most in getting my daughter potty trained at night time.

The first night time potty training tip that I have is to encourage your child to use the potty right before they go to bed. I know that at times they can be awful sleepy and want to just hop in bed, but you will want to make sure that to have a successful night time potty training adventure you are going to want to make sure that they go otherwise you are only setting yourself up for failure. Which is something that you obviously do not want to do because diapers do get very expensive!

The second night time potty training tip that I have would be to wake up your child before you go to bed and take them to the potty. Yes, this can lead to a grumpy child, but I would rather have a grumpy child in the middle of the night rather than a wet bed in the middle of the night. Not only that if your child is anything like mine during the night time potty training stop before I go to bed they normally go back to sleep almost right away which is very nice and relaxing for me and them!

The third night time potty training tip that I was told about is to keep talking about them wearing underwear to bed at night time. If your child wears under wear during the day then they will probably want to wear the same thing at night time. However, with many of the night time potty training things that you do they will be wearing a pull up or diaper of some sort. So with the night time potty training the thing that I did all the time was to take and tell them that if they stopped peeing in the diaper at night time they would be able to start wearing their underwear at bed time as well. This really gave them a goal to work towards and my kids really wanted to reach this goal quickly so that they could wear underwear at night and avoid the bulky hot diapers.

While I am sure that you will find many other night time potty training tips that can work, I know that for my children that these are the best night time potty training tips that I recieved from my parents and in-laws that worked for me. So hopefully by following these night time potty training tips you can easily get your child potty trained for the night so they can sleep the entire night through!

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