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No More Baby Boys

Updated on October 29, 2016

Baby Boy

I Want To Know

Are You Raising Your Son To Be a Responsible Young Man

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The African American Male

There is a problem that is taking place when raising the African American male. There are so many women that are making the mistake of doing everything for their child raising an enabled man boy. Perhaps subconsciously parents are engaging in this ritual of raising a child that cannot think critically, independently, or take any responsibility for business matters. You see them everywhere: in line at the restaurant having their girlfriends/wives/dates telling the hostess how many are in their party and where they should be seated. Perhaps you have business interactions with these young men in which the mother’s and/or father’s take care of everything for them as if they are their personal assistant. So many young men incapable of thinking for themselves, making decisions for themselves, or standing up for themselves. They are the young men that are dressed in nice fashions they did nothing to earn but aren’t capable of achieving academic or life mild-stones. You see them sitting comfortably on the passenger’s side of the car while their mother is at the car wash vacuuming and cleaning the vehicle. They are the 16-18 years old that do nothing all summer while many women had a summer job to generate money for school clothing or savings. The value of hard work is priceless, when you work for your money you have more respect regarding how you spend your money as well as how much of it you spend.


Stop The Madness

Many men are missing the basics looking for a woman like “momma” that does everything for them while still wanting respect from the opposite sex. That is a highly irrational desire. When you raise a functional adult you raise someone that knows how to conduct business and address the issues of life. If your child has to apply to college, guess who should be able to provide all the documents needed? If your child has to ask questions about his cell phone contract, guess who should be contacting the company? If your son is of age and you need to be seated at a restaurant, guess who should be speaking to the hostess? Working multiple jobs and overtime in order to shower your son with material objects is creating a monster and a boy that will not be prepared to navigate life as a man.

Stop doing everything for your son. You are creating a weak man. Around the age of 15 you should discuss with your child scenarios or situations requiring making simple adult decisions. This is your opportunity to address and guide the child’s thought process to determine how to help your child master critical thinking skills and business matters. It may seem easier to do everything and keep your child silent but you are raising a man incapable of making decisions or standing up to conduct his life effectively.


Boys To Men

Today there are men that are constantly looking for mommy to do everything for them and it's a sad situation. A man saves for a rainy day, knows how to change a tire, handles his own business matters effectively and swiftly, leads his house not follows directions of a dictator for his life. That all begins with you and the foundation you set that will guide your son down the pathway to manhood. I get that you love your son but he will be a husband and father in the future so raise a son to be an amazing man.

Don’t raise a spoiled unrealistic entitled individual lacking intelligence and the ability to handle business. The world is not going to cater to him and he's in for a rude awakening if he feels entitled to everything with the belief that everyone should cater to him.

If he’s over 18 years old and working, he needs to be responsible for contributing to the household to understand nothing is free. No one lives anywhere for free.

A man gives a solid handshake, looks others in the eyes head held high, and speaks clearly demanding respect if they have been raised to become a functional intelligent man.

A man makes wise decisions preparing for this future and his family before they even exist.

A man knows he has to determine a way to support himself without anyone's help-college education, skill/trade, or starting your own business.

A man is expected to think with accuracy and intelligence governing his body and his actions.


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