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Nobody Else Got Hurt - The Attitude of Gratitude

Updated on October 30, 2010

It was Sunday afternoon. My four year old son was playing outside with neighbors kids. They played for a while and ran home and got blankets and put them on the lawn. They sat on the blanket and pretending that they were living in a forest and only the means to get food is to kill animals.
After a while my son suggested that we should go for a bike ride. I said OK and went in to the garage to get both of our bikes. We went around the neighborhood riding our bikes. It was one of those perfect September days. I absolutely love this act of riding bike ride with my son. When we got to our home my son parked his bike and started playing with the neighbors kids again. I went inside the house, got my sun glasses and went on for another round of bike riding.
By the time I came closer to the house may be after 7 minutes, I saw my son crying as loud as he can and going inside the house. My wife was already asking him what happened. I quickly parked my bike and went inside. When I looked at his right palm, there were bruises at 3 places and blood was dripping from them. He was crying constantly and we are trying to calm him down.

Nobody Else Got Hurt
Nobody Else Got Hurt

We washed his hand after blood flow has stopped and put some anti-septic ointment. After that he slept for couple of hours. He told us that the neighbor's kid (6 year old) asked him to put his foot on the kick scooter and he pulled the handle fast. He pulled so fast that my son couldn't balance himself and fell on the concrete foot path.

When he woke up, he played as usual with his toys inside the house. We put band aids on his palm and he held the hand high so that it wouldn’t touch any objects.

When we were having dinner, referring to his afternoon incident, my wife and I told him that "we are thankful to God that you didn't get hurt anywhere else. It could have been worse". For that my son said, he is thankful to God that nobody else got hurt. We pleasantly surprised to hear those words from a four year old.

Don't you think this world would be a better place if everybody has same kind of attitude?


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