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Normalize Breastfeeding- It's Nature

Updated on August 4, 2016

My breasts are for my child, not to "please you".

Whenever a mother is sitting in a restaurant, or in a crowded lobby, or even in a shopping mall and she is nursing her child, I can assure you she is doing it for the child, not to please the ill minded people who are turning breastfeeding into something of a sexual nature.

As a breastfeeding mother myself, I feed my child in public, and whenever I do not once do I sit there and think "Oh let me feed my baby so I can show my boobs off to all these people in here. Because thats hot" No. I feed my child because she is hungry, or needs to nurse for comfort and assurance. I am not doing it to please you. Nowadays it's such a shock to see a Mom using her breasts the way nature intended but then no one says anything when half naked women are ALL over social media, TV, and entertainment of all sorts. So why is it gross or inappropriate for us to use our breasts correctly?!

I CHOSE to breastfeed, your opinion does not phase me.

I didn't choose to breastfeed because I wanted to catch the attention of the public. I chose to do it because it's healthier for my baby, myself, and because why pay for something that isn't nearly as good as what my body is producing for free? Now I'm not dogging on any Mom's that chose to formula feed, that's your right and your opinion. I'm just saying medically and scientifically speaking breast milk is proven to be much healthier for babies. That's why I'm feeding my child. Because I chose to. Nothing is more annoying than someone asking "When are you going to stop breastfeeding?" or saying "I didn't breastfeed because it makes babies not like anybody" Well, I will feed my child as long as I want to, and I did it because it strengthens the bond between mother and child. People oppose such a natural thing because other people do. It's a bandwagon of negative opinions affecting other Mother's decisions.

It's been done for years, why can't we do it now? It's natural.

Back in the "old days" and I don't just mean the days our parents or grandparents were alive, but back in the old old days, the only option mother's had was to breastfeed. They didn't know what formula was. And you know I bet no one batted an eye at the mother's who fed their children. Granted things were a little different back then where women were home more and didn't work but still. It's natural. Breasts were intended for the sole purpose of producing milk to provide for our offspring. Thats why we have "Mammary glands" to produce milk, hence why we are called "Mammals". Nature intended for us to feed our children. So why does society think we shouldn't?

Do you eat in the bathroom?

The thing that bothered me most recently was when someone told me I should feed my child in the bathroom. Um, excuse me but do you eat your meals in a bathroom stall? Well then neither will my child.
The thing that bothered me most recently was when someone told me I should feed my child in the bathroom. Um, excuse me but do you eat your meals in a bathroom stall? Well then neither will my child.

Get the facts

Breastfeeding is a choice, but it was an easy one for me here's a few facts you may or may not know:

  • Breastfed babies are generally healthier: studies show that babies who are breastfed have less risk of getting ear infections and getting sick in general.
  • YOU keep your baby from getting sick: Some mothers worry about if they should feed their child while they are sick. Well facts show that if you have a cold, your body produces antibodies to fight that cold off, well those antibodies are passed through the milk and to the baby to later help fight off that same cold! Pretty amazing actually.
  • YOU can heal your baby: As a mother, you know you want to just snuggle and kiss your baby all the time. Well this can actually heal/protect the little ones! Whenever a baby is sick, or getting sick, that is passed through the saliva either through kissing, or through saliva touching the breast, and your milk actually changes to meet babies needs. So if your baby has a cold, your body will send signals for the milk to change to send baby the antibodies it needs to fight it off! Now that's a work of science!
  • It's exercising, while eating a whole pack of oreos... Breastfeeding can burn up to 600 calories a day. So while all your friends are out there working to lose some pounds your burning just as much if not more while sitting on the couch feeding a baby!
  • It's free! just by breastfeeding you can save as much as $1500 in just the first year by not having to buy formula!
  • It helps you: Studies show that Mother's who breastfed for more than a year have a significantly lower risk of developing cancers such as breast or ovarian.

Bonding & Closeness

I love breastfeeding my child. I think it's amazing and the bond we share is like no other, nursing for comfort is real.
I love breastfeeding my child. I think it's amazing and the bond we share is like no other, nursing for comfort is real.


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