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Save Time and Money on Your Kids Wardrobe

Updated on October 7, 2010
A perfect match every time!!!
A perfect match every time!!!

She just laughed

My oldest daughter has always accused me of dressing her funny when she was small.

After seeing how sharp my two year old grandson was dressed, I had to admit she was right.  His little outfits where almost always three pieces that always matched.  A T-shirt, short/long pants and a button down shirt or sweater, depending on the weather. 

So to get even for dressing her funny when she was little, I hinted that she spent way too much money on her son's cloths.

She just put her head back and laughed.

And Laughed, and Laughed

"No, I almost always buy Ze's cloths on-line. There is this great site I ran across where all the cloths come in coordinated sets. The greatest thing is that most of the sets cost $10. They also send the cloths on these great 2 piece hanger sets.

Instead of tossing the hangers, I keep them to rehang the sets once they are washed.

When I am getting Ze dressed, I just reach in the closet, pull out a hanger and presto, chango, a perfectly matching outfit every time. I don't have to dig through dresser drawers, rummage through laundry baskets or search under the bed. It saves me lots of time and Ze always leaves the house looking great. (something that my daughter put great store in. Probably from the trauma of my dressing her funny in her younger years).

Ready and waiting for clean cloths
Ready and waiting for clean cloths
Ready to go
Ready to go

A V-8 Moment

I thunked myself on the head. "What a great idea."

How much simpler could it get. All the time I could have saved.  Buying the outfits in matching set and then hanging them over the thirty four years or so of my life with children. It would have probably amounted to a grand tour of Europe.

So I am passing this handy hint along. Instead of piling all the shirts in one pile, all the pants in another while the sweaters go in a third, grab the hangers out of the closet and coordinate the outfit and hand them up in the closet. They will be ready to go when you need them.

Oh snap!
Oh snap!

A hint that this might get flagged

as to commercial but....  All I can say is

I am including the link to this web site because if this hub can keep one mother from dressing her kids funny, save one mother a little time and money, it is worth the possible censor.


  • The clothes are quality cloths. I have seen them myself. Some of the brands are sold in Macy's
  • They come with hangers for both the tops and bottoms that are connected to each other so they can be kept paired up.
  • THE OUTFITS COST $10 A SET. A SET!!!! $10 A SET!!!!


Below are just a couple of the outfits bought at The Children's Wear Outlet site.

A delightful outfit for a new baby girl
A delightful outfit for a new baby girl
Home from the Hospital Outfit
Home from the Hospital Outfit
A three piece set
A three piece set
Close up of back of button down
Close up of back of button down
Ze may be sleeping but at least he's dressed
Ze may be sleeping but at least he's dressed
Boys and Lizards a perfect pair!
Boys and Lizards a perfect pair!


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    • reddog1027 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Thanks mulberry1! Once I finished the hub the flag disappeared, thank goodness. I have ordered for other grand kids and everyone was really pleased with the items I had sent.

    • mulberry1 profile image

      Christine Mulberry 

      8 years ago

      This is a great recommendation to pass along. It's like a personal review of a product, I don't consider that to be too commercial and it's certainly not self-serving. Good tip and fantastic looking kids clothes.

    • reddog1027 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      This hub was written not a a commercial endorsement but as a help to parents everywhere. By passing on information about a good product or a good website we are all winners.


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