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Not Being Able To Say No To Children

Updated on February 25, 2011

Not Being Able To Say No To Your Children

I have been a father for seven glorious years, even though my wife is the one that does the yeoman’s work in raising our daughter; however, our daughter knows that there are boundaries and that sometimes, no, means no! Apparently, this is not so in one house-hold in California where a mother is suing MacDonalds for the fast food chain’s, supposedly, deliberate enticement, by way of ‘happy meals,’ of compelling little boys and girls to crave unhealthy food. The mother is seeking other parents in a similar situation for a class-action-suit… when the litigious mother was asked why she doesn’t just say no to her children – in her case, the children are two and four years old - she said that they often overwhelmed her until she can no longer say no.

There are times when I am like that famous Aflac duck television commercial with my mouth agape (even though I am not yelling, A-f-l-a-c) and such a time was when I read this story of the mother who cannot say ‘nyet’ to her children. Now, although I graduated from law school and the fact I do not practice, it still seems that it would be rather academic and easy to cross examine this mother – knowing children, there must be something that this mother in the past has said, ‘no’ to. But back to her inability for not being able to say no to her children… imagine this being the norm in every household? I for one would be in jail for trying to steal from Toys R Us because of my daughter’s cravings for all things Dora The Explorer. Come to think of it, I once had a crush on my teacher, Miss Bowery - thank God that there were boundaries instilled in me so not to yield to my raging hormones.

Maybe this is a good time to enlighten that mother that the fact that she cannot say no to her two and four-year-old children does not bode well for her children in the long meandering road to adult-hood. I am not Doctor Spock, but nothing good could be borne out of a mother or parents who cannot say no to their children. The negative exploits of certain celebrities are evidence of not having boundaries; and, I am certain the behaviorists down at Quantico would tell you many a serial killer… also had no boundaries. I will venture to say that most of these law suits are from those who are seeking their Andy Warhol’s fifteen minutes of fame… even using their children to attain said fame to be among the ranks of the vainglorious.

Now my fellow law graduates who practice are not going to like what I have to say – but there are times when they too should have boundaries when accepting cases for potential litigation. The lawyer (s) who took this case should have said no – because I am certain that if he or she has children, he or she has said ‘no’ to them sometime. I will fore-go quoting what Shakespeare and The Christ had to say about lawyers since I partially live in the proverbial glass house….


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    • sueroy333 profile image

      Susan Mills 7 years ago from Indiana


      You're right, that wasn't difficult at all.

      voted up!!