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Nursery Furniture Sets

Updated on July 12, 2009

Planning a baby’s room needs to be done in such a way that it is practical, functional, and stimulating for you and your baby. You should be able to move from one piece of bedroom furniture to another and access your baby nursery chairs easily so that you rock your little one to sleep or simply relax while they take a nap and you read a book…or nap with them. 

Choosing nursery furniture sets takes a bit of research so that you can purchase the safest items possible for your newest addition, and there are a few pieces that every baby’s room should have.

Nursery Furniture Essentials

Baby furniture sets usually include a crib, a matching changing table, a dresser, and sometimes a rocking chair and foot rest for mom.  Cradles and bassinets are also great pieces to have, especially if you want someplace to lay baby down that’s not in the nursery itself.  However, they should only be used until the baby is no more than 4 months old or up until the time they can roll themselves over.  If you have a small room for the nursery, you may want to opt for a changing table and dresser combination, saving you space and money.

Additional furniture could include high chairs that match the nursery decor patterns and style of the crib and changing table, swings, bouncy seats, playpens, and small storage accessories.  Most nurseries do not need a lot of furniture during the baby’s first year or two, so if you have a small room to start with, the concept of less is more is the better road to travel.

Of course, the finishing touch to a nursery is coordinating baby bedding sets that go with the nursery themes you have chosen.  Always make sure the sheets fit the mattress snuggly and that the mattress fits the crib properly to ensure your babies safety.  A lightweight sheet or blanket is all you will need to cover your infant with if you use baby night clothing that is warm and one piece, like the fuzzy sleepers you see most children in at a very young age.  With these items ready and waiting when you bring baby home, you will have the perfect nursery for your family.

Shopping For Nursery Furniture

Shopping for cheap nursery furniture is fun and exciting and if you are not the expectant mother but invited to enjoy this ritual of mother hood with her, then consider it a privilege.  Parents find that purchasing furniture nursery is a rewarding experience and being able to choose from the most current nursery baby themes – or going out on a limb and choosing something different – is some of the most fun they’ve had in years.  They can picture in their head what the rooms will look like before they even get started seeing what is available.

The first thing parents need to do once they decide on a theme is find attractive and safe baby room furniture that will be functional and beautiful all at the same time.  There are numerous themes to choose from in the furniture alone, ranging from Disney to adventure, sports, and baby girl nursery styled themes.  The most important item that you will need to decide on is the crib, and many different types on the market are enough to make even the seasoned parent’s head spin.  No matter what type you choose, always ensure that it meets all the safety regulations required for infant furniture.

Babies for the most part do not need a lot of furniture, so a changing table and dresser are probably the only other necessary items that you need.  Bassinets are nice baby room furniture if you want to keep your baby close by or out of the large confines of the crib the first few months, and a swing or baby hammock are exceptionally nice for rocking the baby to sleep while you straighten up the house with baby nearby or do other work that prevents you from rocking them yourself.

If you purchase handmade items or make the furniture yourself, always follow the guidelines of 2-3/8” or 60mm between slats and vertical bars on the crib, so that you never have to worry about your baby being caught in his or her nursery furniture.  Always use non-toxic paint on any surface when it comes to baby nursery decorating and if you should have furniture in the room that could topple over on baby if they try to pull themselves to their feet with it, make sure it is anchored to the wall to prevent it from falling on your child.


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