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NurturMe: Packaged Baby Food You Can Feel Good About

Updated on September 2, 2011

Are you concerned with providing your baby with the best possible nutrition? Of course you are; this is something that all parents are (or certainly should be!) concerned about every day.

There are many commercially available baby foods, but they are certainly not all created equal. If you are searching for a healthful, store-bought option for your baby, be sure to check out the NurturMe product line.

About NurturMe Baby Food

The NurturMe line of baby food is designed specifically to provide babies and toddlers, ranging in age from four months to four years, with optimal nutrition. Each variety in the product line is certified organic, all-natural and gluten free.

When you feed this baby food brand to your children, you won’t have to worry about exposing them to potentially harmful pesticides or other chemical ingredients or byproducts. That’s because the fruits and vegetables that go into NurturMe are sources from certified-organic farms located in the United States and because no salt, sugar, preservatives or artificial preservatives are added during production.

Additionally – and this positions NurturMe as being truly unique from other health-oriented baby food products –quick-dried fruits and vegetables are used to make this unique baby food. The fact that the ingredients are quick-dried helps preserve the phytochemicals and essential nutrients in the produce that goes in to making the baby food. This is what makes NurturMe one of the most nutritious pre-made baby food product lines on the market.

Flavor Options: Tastes Your Baby Will Love

Flavor varieties of NurturMe baby food include:

  • Crisp Apples
  • Hearty Sweet Potatoes
  • Plump Peas
  • Scrumptious Squash

Using NurturMe Baby Food: Additional Features and Benefits

NurturMe baby food is sold in recyclable pouches that are manufactured with equipment that uses wind energy, so you can feel good that your decision to use this type of pre-made food for your baby is consistent with the idea of environmental responsibility and efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of your household and lifestyle.

Each pouch of NurturMe weighs less than an ounce, so it’s very easy to carry with you in your purse or diaper bag, making it a convenient baby food option for feeding your child at home or on the go.

For serving, the food can be mixed with the liquid of your choice – including water, breast milk, whole milk, baby formula and more – to meet the specific nutritional needs of your child. It’s also possible to add NurturMe to your own homemade purees, grain products like oatmeal, yogurt, applesauce and more, a perfect solution for adjusting your child’s diet as he or she transitions from infancy into “toddlerhood”.


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