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Nurturing your Child

Updated on October 24, 2009

Building up a relationship with your child is essential for their growth and development.

A child maybe born a genius but without any nurturing they would not be able to meet their potential. The child would remain an uncut jem and their development will not be as fast.

Time and effort is needed to interact with them so that you are  able to discover and develop their talent.

Here are some ways which you will be able to nurture your child.

Handy Tips

Building up their emotional stability

We can all take steps to strengthen our relationships with our children by

  • Making sure your children know you love them irregardless of the mistakes that they make.
  • Encouraging your children by praising even the smallest achievements which they are able to complete. This will go a long way to building up their self esteem.

  • Spend  quality and quantity time with your children. Do things together that you both enjoy.Listen and react to their needs and wants.
  • Engage in firm discipline.This doesn't mean being physical towards your child. Being firm means to lay down the boundaries and set up consequences for misbehaviour. Rewards may be given if the child displays good behavior



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