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Obese Teenagers, Obesity, Causes, Help With an Obese Teenager, Graphic Images

Updated on December 17, 2015

Teenage Obesity Problems

As of August 2010, there are more obese people in the world than there are starving people.

This alarming figure means that obese teenagers are adding to the global fat problem, and they cannot all claim that they are just "big boned". Looking at teenage school children walking to and from school, nearly half of them appear like they have been force fed with genetically modified foods in large quantities.

If this trend continues, the worlds population will outgrow the food supply and the hospitals will have to order many more extra large beds. Specially designed and manufactured ambulances in the USA have been created for obese people because the normal ambulances cannot take the weight.

Teenage obesity is rife. Most obesity problems can be attributed to parents cooking fast food at home or constantly allowing their children to east fast food whilst out. The fat content of some of these foods is astronomical.

Western countries such as America, England, France and Germany are leading the world in the amount of obese people per-capita in their countries.

Obesity Causes


Eating to much food is the usual and most common cause of obesity. Modern society has inundated supermarkets with fat filled fast food for a more convenient, yet less healthy, life style.

Right - Heart of an obese person.

Despite major healthy eating campaigns, many people refuse to eat a correct balanced diet. Fast food is more stodgy and can fill the stomach quicker than healthier options. Also healthier food tends to be more expensive, but what price do parents put on their children's lives ?

Eating disorders aside, there is no need for a parent to force feed their off spring fat filled food just for them to have an easier life. They are in effect, killing their own children, slowly and painfully.


Snacking is enjoyable, but a rack of ribs or ten packets of crisps is not a snack, its' more fat than most people consume in one day.

Feeding children many bowls of delicious popcorn, sweets, crisps etc may be treating them, but to what ?? Obesity? teeth with holes in? ridicule at school when they no longer fit into their uniforms? or maybe just a cardiac arrest.

Parents need to understand what a child goes through at school, they must remember what it was like. Do they wish their own children to suffer the same fate as others that they saw when they were young?

Exercise ( Lack of )

Less than 5% of the population exercise regularly. For obese teenagers, going to the gym or exercise classes can be embarrassing. The culmination of years of abuse to their bodies has left them with less self confidence, possible anger issues, and a dangerous irregular heart beat whilst doing anything too strenuous.

Confidence / Personal Problems

Many people who have weight problems have used comfort food to assist them with their own emotions. Losing a close family member either through death or divorce can under mine self confidence and instead of alcohol or drugs, they turn to food for comfort. This can eventually lead to them being overweight without even realising it. Then it just continues.

Obese Teenagers

Big children may not be clinically obese, they may simply just be slightly overweight. This is a simple fact of life and can easily be rectified. When they are called fat teenagers, this may also not be true. A trip to the doctors / physician, which is confidential, will allow worried parents to understand what is going on. 7 times out of 10, it is down to the parents as to why their children have grown up to be obese. They may have inadvertently over fed them, and thought that they still had puppy fat, even at the age of twelve, who knows.

Pills over the internet are not the answer. People have been physically and mentally scarred from using non-prescribed pills they had bought over the internet. Many contain toxic substances ( verified scientifically ) which can be harmful to individuals and can bring on heart attacks.

Fatty Foods For Fatty People

What Can A Parent Do ?

Firstly, as a loving parent, stop giving children lots of sweets. Occasional snacks are fine, and try to introduce one of those healthy snack bars. The snack bars would be more appreciated than to some sweet guzzling kids than fruit.

Introduce them to the pavement, let them walk. Start by just walking to the school if it is close enough, or to the local shops. Get them some nice shoes or trainers to walk in and encourage them to use them.

Nice family trips out for ice skating or roller skating, even skiing is a sly yet healthy way to shed some calories. Losing weight is not just about being on a diet. Treating them to trips out like these examples will not be misjudged by teenagers with weight problems, but you will be helping them.

Get them to do household chores. Ask any housewife or home owner, cleaning the house is excellent exercise. Teach them what a hoover is and how to use a mop. It doesn't matter to much if they do not do it properly, you are already helping them.

Cut right down on take away meals, chips and fried food. This is the usual advice from anybody and every parent already knows this.


Trying to force a teenager to do anything is about as easy as getting a hefty tax refund. Every child is different and will react in different ways. You know your own son or daughter, and for their sake, help them prevent premature heart problems.

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I don't understand how people get fat. I eat the average of 3,000 to 4,000 calories a day and am still 5'1" and 98 pounds. Same with my brother. He puts down the average of 5,000 calories a day and is nit fat at all. So how many calories do you have to consume to become obese? I eat tons of fast food and popcorn and it still hasn't seemed to caught up to me. (or my mom for that matter) 5' and 102 pounds.

      I really am worried about the world having to supply food for all us people. If a fit family of four needs 2 full shopping carts a week from SAMs, what does. An obese family of four need?

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      A friend once told me that for families who struggle financially, they have to feed within their means. Eating healthy is often more expensive than throwing together a pot of beans and rice, or any other starchy blend they can afford.

      Beyond what's affordable to buy, if they work long hours to make ends meet, food prep time is a factor. They shop for and cook things that are put together easily and quickly.

      That aside, I think genetics plays a large role in weight. However, I think in most cases, even genetics can be curbed to avoid it getting out of hand.

      Also, Hub-writer, Dallas93444 has an interesting take on being overweight and linking possibly linking the reason to microbes in the food having an adverse reaction to some hosts, causing weight gain.

      Beyond that ... a habit of eating poorly, and developing a craving for so many things that are unhealthy is a hard one to break for so many people. Wish it were possible to let them know how good it feels to get exercise (if it's not physically impossible for them), and how much better it is to feel satisfied after a meal as opposed to way less than best, before they run off to their next 'food fix'.

      I enjoyed the hub and glad someone's addressing the issue and thinking about ways to resolve it!

    • billericky profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Plymouth

      Thank you for your comment. Most of what you have said is already in the article. If I were to address all the reasons for obesity, I could be writing the same article for several months.

    • dmcgaw profile image

      Danielle McGaw 

      7 years ago from Manitoba, Canada

      How about addressing the reason that teenagers become fat? More and more studies are showing that people turn to food for emotional reasons - not because they have no self-control. Abuse, bullying, death of a loved one, and other things like that are often found to be one of the reasons that kids turn to food.

      Of course, there is also the fact that kids will choose cookies over apples most of the time. If there aren't any apples to choose from they'll eat the cookies.

      And then there is the fact that fatty foods full of preservatives and calories are often cheaper to buy than healthy food. It's a lot cheaper to cook a couple boxes of Kraft Dinner than it is to cook a couple of chicken breasts and fresh broccoli. Many families don't have a choice.

      There are many reasons why kids are getting fatter (and so are the adults) with each progressing year.

      Oh, just so you know, I'm not saying you are wrong. Your points are quite valid. :) but there is so much behind our epidemic of obesity!


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