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October Rose and Other Unexpected Joys

Updated on March 9, 2010

October Rose

#1 in Reflections of Life's Unexpected Joys

October Rose

And Other Unexpected Joys

October 2004

It has been a dreary autumn. The days have been mostly grey, wet and cold. With two small children I have not been leaving the house very often and therefore my flower beds have suffered. They have not been properly cleaned up and prepared for their winter rest. It has been quite some time since I took time to inspect my rose bed and on the last Saturday of October my husband came into the house holding a perfect long-stemmed rosebud. He handed it to me as shyly as a school boy with a crush. I was touched by the gift that my husband held out to me and I carefully placed this unexpected treasure in a vase on my kitchen counter where I would see it often and be filled with a sense of pleasure for this little gift of love. During the following grey week, that rosebud opened gradually into a perfect red rose. I couldn’t believe that this treasure had been in my flower bed all through the course of this dreary October and I was filled with gratitude that it had survived and that my husband had taken a few moments to find it and give it to me as a gift.

This rose has caused me to contemplate on the fact that even during the grey times there are unexpected wonders just waiting for us to discover and each day there are gifts being handed to us that we probably overlook. However, when you notice these things they bring joy and light to our days.

With this thought in mind, I have begun to jot down some of the unexpected joys in my life. It is a pleasure to discover joy in unlikely moments and to reread them, relive them and keep my eyes open for more of life’s unexpected joys.


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