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Octuplets plus six, a Controversy in the making

Updated on May 2, 2012

" I'm providing myself to my children," Nadya Suleman told NBC in her first interview. "I'm loving them unconditionally, accepting them unconditionally, everything I do. I'll stop my life for them and be present with them and hold them and be with them. And how many parents do that? I'm sure there are many that do, but many don't. And that's unfortunate. And that is selfish."

"I feel as though I've been under the microscope because I've chosen this unconventional kind of life. I didn't intend on it being unconventional. It just turned out to be. All I wanted ... was to be a mom. That's all I ever wanted in my life."

By now you have heard the story about the Octuplets who were born to On January 26th. That in itself is amazing.  But the story gets more interesting. They are born through in vitro fertilization to a single mother who already has six children ages 2 through 7. Now the eyebrows raise. A million questions surge and the mother Nadya Suleman is now the center of attention..

Some facts

Here are some facts about Nadya Suleman. She had all of her children through in vitro fertilization. A day after she had the Octuplets she called fro representation from the Kileen Furtney Group, a public relations firm. Hmm the day after giving birth to eight babies I might be a little tired or preoccupied. Still in Kaiser Permanente's Bellflower Medical Center, she is deciding what she would do next. Ms Suleman has a degree in Child and Adolescent Development. She was pursuing a degree in counseling.

The Birth

According to reports all eight babies are doing fine, breating on their own and being tube fed. All eight ( six boys and  two girls)weighed one pound or less. They are expected to be able to go home in a few months.

The Conception


All of Ms Suleman's children were from invitro fertilization.  The Octuplets were from frozen embryos.  Far fewer than Eight embryos were implanted in her.  They multiplied due to the use of the fertilization drugs over  the years.   She has one consistent sperm donor for two of her six children and the Octuplets.  The sperm donor and the fertilization doctor have not been revealed. 

The Controversy

So an announcement was made on 2/1/09 that Ms Suleman would be asking for 2 million for interviews this week. She intends to talk to Diane Sawyer and to Oprah to line up interviews on their shows. She also plans on starting a career as a " childcare expert". I'm thinking a better fit would be a guest spot on Dr. Phil. :)

My first question would be who will be taking care of her children while she is doing this? Will the choices she has made cut into her credibility as a child care expert? Why would she choose to have more children when she couldn't afford to do so? Reports state she had to go into bankruptcy a year and a half ago and move. It doesn't even seem as if she has a good support system. There have been comments made in the media that her mother had to see a psychiatrist because of her daughter's obsession with children. Comments have also been made about her not being at home when Ms Suleman comes back from the hospital. Ms Sulemans father has been more in the media spotlight and states his daughter's intention was to have only one more child.

For someone who has declared bankruptcy , How is she affording to go to school much less raise six children? Are the taxpayers of California paying for her school, housing and medical bills?

The medical community is also in an uproar over the fertility doctor who administered the fertility drugs to her. Was it ethical to do so?

What is She Thinking??

For those of us who are parents we know the time and care that is needed to take care one two or three children. As a mother I know that I dedicate 90% of my time to my son. He is young and I know he won't need or want this much attention from me in the future. That is why I give him the best of me that i can now. I do not know how I would be able to raise six children on my own, giving them a quality of life I think they deserve. And Now Octuplets on top of that. Was she thinking that she would be able to provide for them? Her only support system is her mother and father. And According to the Huffington Post (see link below) her mother "can't go on". Who could blame her?

What is the rationale behind this lady having so many children? Does she have a lot of love to give? Or does she have other motives in mind? Some in the mental health community speculate that she may be" hooked on repeat pregnancies" From my tone of my article you can tell I am already skeptical. I try not to be judgemental as she has not had the opportunity to tell her story yet. ( I will not be paying 19.95 for it either) I look forward to hearing from Ms Suleman and the dilemma she has created. This a story that will unravel in time.

She breaks her silence

 Nadya has her first interview tonight on NBC.  Her interview rivals an interview of the pilot from the Hudson Plane Crash.  Basically she states she has always wanted a big family.  She felt attachments missing when she was growing up. She stated she lacked identity and self esteem and her family was dysfunctional.   All that aside it doesn't logically justify the fact she has 14 children that she has no idea how she will afford to raise.  At this point her motivation seems kind of selfish.  Maybe her interview, which was done for free will prove me wrong.

The Family Website

 Ms Suleman has launched her own website.  It is features pictures of the Octuplets.  It also has a place for people to leave comments, but we can't see what the comments say.  It also features a place to leave donations.  Mastercard and Visa are accepted of course!.  Hopefully there will be a little more to the website than that in the future. Check out website in link below! 


So the whole event is now moving in slow motion.... The latest news is that Nadya's publicist has dropped her due to increase in death threats. Umm yeah sure that might be ONE reason! The other might be that Nadya presents herself as a vain woman and she is receiving a TON of negative attention. Nadya isn't as interesting as she thinks she is and we are all bored with her delusions of grandeur. Her home is being foreclosed on due to receiving no payments in over ten months. She will be on Dr. Phil today. I doubt she will have anything different to say that will change the publics mind.  It was interesting to note that during the advertisements for the show they would not state Nadya's name rather used the term Octomom. Also he had to use "never seen before photos to entice people to watch. TLC has also just announced they will NOT be seeking a show featuring Nadya and her family.

Sorry Nadya, We just aren't that into you

Dr. Phil Debate

Who will save the day?

 As we watch Nadya slowly spiral downward I can't help but wonder who will step in to save the day for her.  There are innocent children involved and no doubt someone or some organization will take the risk of being associated with Nadya.  we will just have to watch and see.

Ask a question.. get an answer

Well no sooner than I asked the question then a potential answer appeared. Who will save the day? A group known as Angels in Waiting has offered to assist the family by providing housing and a ton of support in the way of therapy and education.( for a six month time period) The Savvy lawyers who run the charity gave Ms Suleman until next week for a reply. The attorneys also gave the local child protective services a call to investigate the family when the babies come home. The attorney made the prediction that the child protective services would take the children if she didn't take the deal.  ( I wonder what else the Angels in Waitng have up their sleeve) My personal opinion is that Ms Suleiman will not take the help, but buy the ridiculously overpriced home and suffer the consequences.

 Big upcoming week for the Suleman Family.  I understand her father will be on Oprah and she will be on Dr. Phil.  I am skeptical that we will see her in a different light.

Do you think the Octuplets should be placed into foster care?

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Dad Supportive

 Nadyas father went on the Oprah Show today. (2/24/09) He stated his daughter was under duress and not feeling well.  He seemed very supportive of her decsion to have the Octuplets.

Dr. Phil

So Dr. Phil's interview offers just a little more information that we knew before. The hospital may not release the infants into her care without a plan. They gave Nadya an extensive list of things that would need to be done to the actual physical home before the babaies come home. One or two of the babies will be able to come home in about a week reports say. I would think that a list would be a given explaining the circumstances. Dr. Phil also put it nicely about Nadya simply stating, " she doesn't know what she doesn't know". A pretty good statement of this young, naive woman with delusions of grandeur. he also points out irresponsible selfish behavior on her part. Then he pitches in the fact we can't turn our backs on the children. He makes reference to the fact that the normal diaper companies haven't even given her anything due to bad press. Dr. Phil is encouraging donations and set it up through the Dr. Phil Foundation. Links below for both interviews and the Foundation site. I wonder if Dr. Phil can sway the public into this? he did after all pay her over a 1 million dollars for the interview.

TMZ also reports some porn company offered Nadya a lot of money for starring in a film....

Oh by the way it is Thursday.. has there been any formal response to the Angels in Waiting? Hmmmm maybe that is what the hospital is trying for...

March 3

So this week Nadya says no to her help and prepares to move into another four bedroom home in an undisclosed location. I can understand not wanting to be in the public eye, but turning down this quality of care is not in the babes best interest. I guess she is one of these power struggle types that will beat herself into the ground rather than do the right thing. She also said no to her porn star offer.

A surprising tidbit of info is that she pays a nanny 500 dollars per week for childcare for 12 hour days. We shouldn't be upset with her about that because it is the sanest thing for the children and her family. I am glad her mother didn't get stuck wiht the burden. As for the price consider that she has six children already. A normal day care charges at least 20 per day, if not more. So really Nadya is making out on this deal..

 Below is the entire 911 call made by Nadya concerning losing one of her children.  I believe this phone call is just the beginning of what is yet to come.  If she has all of this help then how did she lose a child?

An Octomom Bill is being discussed now about limiting the amount of embryos implanted.  This is also just the beginning of the legislation.

March 9th

 Second publicist quits and gives the glowing adjectives greedy and Nuts to describe nadya.  I think the public has figured that out when she gave birth to eight little ones.

I-Village does a good job guestimating how much it has already cost and how much it will cost for her children to survive.  If you live in California Guess What??  You are picking up the tab.

So who is going to step in and do something before someone really gets hurt?

March 11th

 Once again ask a question.. get an answer.  If I could have found a picture of Dr. Phil with a blue suit , a cape and a big P on his chest I would have posted it here.  He negotiated and mediated.. and got Nadya to consent to get the help she needs.  Angels in Waiting will now be helping her in her now home.  Watching the Dr. Phil show I was amazed at the intricate detail of how much  thought the Angels have put into nurturing the babies.  It seems the train wreck has stopped and that is good. Dr. Phil has made this his pet project and arranged for a plethora of services to be provided to Nadya at no cost.  I hope things continue to go well. 

The controversy now is that the children should be placed into foster care and separated.  I don't agree with this at all.  I have worked in the foster care system for years.  In most cases I believe staying with the family is the best case scenario.

Another point people are not addressing is Nadya's safety.  Even though Dr. Phil has done a lot of PR work for her she is still not looked upon favorably.  People are actually downright obsessed/furious with this.  Now she is getting some free care I expect some people wil be more irate.  Hopefully her safety has been addressed.

 Octuplets scheduled to be home by St Patrick's Day!

Week of March 25th

 Octuplets have been coming home two at a time.  Nadya had the help of the Angels in Waiting but then fired her free help to hire her own nannies.  She believes they are spying on her.. Is all this publicity just too much?  Where is Dr. Phil? He needs to strap on his cape and come in and save the day .. again...

 Is this some kind of late April fools joke?  This is the first time I have seen nothing in the news feed for Nadya.  No news is good news???

Mid April

 Nadya is supposed to be close to getting a deal for her reality series! Seems her dream may be coming true after all.  She is also looking to copyright the word Octomom so she can have  a brand name of diapers... hmm too easy  to make jokes about this one.. I'll leave it to the late night hosts

May 5th

 Well I guess the news is picking up.. Nadya is getting close to having her babies placed on a reality show (her dream come true).. However, Gloria Allred is advocating for a guardian so that her children will not be exploited.  Another news story claims to want a guardian watch over the children's finances they make off of the series. let's see if she actually gets a reality show first.

June 5th

 So her latest is that she believes she has screwed up her and her childrens lives.  This statement was taken out of a video a friend had taken and released to the media..Nadya was at a Fondue shop eating chessecake.  That's nice she has time out of her busy life to eat cheese cake with friends isn't it??  Not a child around... Sigh.. it feel as if she is not getting enough attention so she is having her friend take videos of her.. AND>. she is slowly leaking out inf on the father of the children.  I don't think she can keep this info to herself much longer And further I think she will use this information to gain more publicity... himm  we will see..

Whatever happened to her reality series??

June 17th seems to have gotten themselves in some kind of trouble with child labor lwa in the state of California.  Apparently they signed a contract with the Octomom to videotape the premature babes in their home.  By doing this they put the infants at risk because they were premature.  Well why would the Octomom sign such a contract anyway? Oh Never mind forget I asked that question.. we all know why

July 28th

Well Nadya has finally got a reality show in the works with the same producers who bring you the Biggest Loser ( kind of apropo no?)  The only thing is each of her children get paid 250.00 per day.. which will collectively add up to a quarter of a million dollars.  No small potatoes to you and I but isn't this a small amount especially for for eight children?  She has also had an attorney appointed for her to manage her funds. Smart move there.  We will see how the show goes...

Octomom show Octo ridiculous

 August 20.  Well it is the day after the airing of Nadya's long sought after reality show.  Was it her dream come true.  I doubt it as I hear nothing but crickets this morning about it.  I tuned in for a few minutes only to see Nadya try to shield her children away from the paparazzi.  Of course she was doing this in front of the camera for her reality show.  What is the difference between the paparazzi and her own camera crew?  Money?  it would seem so.  even a local radio station I was listening to this morning tried to get people who watched the show to cal in. Nobody called.  I think America is making a strong statement by not watching her show.


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    • profile image

      Coral 7 years ago

      I was watching Opra today and Nayda was on the show..I believe that the media needs to just stop leave her and her 14 kids alone...thats all they want to see is taking peoples kids away so they can really talk bad about her..wish people would mind they own F@cken Bizzyness! Live ur own life and stay out of others!

    • Ms Chievous profile image

      Tina 8 years ago from Wv

      Crystal.. I don't beleive she has turned down AIW because she wants sympathy.. I beleive she is terribly insecure and doesn't like being told how to mother her children. maybe she feels AIW puts her parenting skills too much in the public eye... nevertheless it is a costly mistake on her part to turn down the help.

      Myra.. I think a lot of us feel the same way you do. it is infuriating to watch someone manipulate a system to her benefit.Many mothers have parented large families with out the use of welfare OR plastic surgery! :) You sound like you have alot ot to be proud of...

      Venting without threats or vulgar language is welcome here!

    • profile image

      Myra 8 years ago

      I can't help but wonder where the money for inverto came from, Does welfare pay for this? Does it also pay for collegen in her lips? I believe Nadia has some mental problems as well and needs a lot of help in that area of her life as well. Her babies are beautiful and I hope they get all the mothering they deserve. Please more babies. I also think her doctor is a nut case to agree to even doing inverto in the first place....Boy I wish I knew about all this stuff welfare gives people years ago...I would have had some face lifting done. Right now living on social security I am lucky to even have money to eat with. Where is the justice here? I brought up 5 children with out the aid of welfare paying for my rent etc. My husband and I struggled to make ends meet. Whats with the welfare system? If there were more restrictions on welfare maybe we would'nt be reading this today and Nadia would be working today. My kids paid there own way through college, the goverment pays for Nadia's. Maybe all College age women should have invetro, go an welfare and let the government pay for everything from there on.....No more college loans..... Thanks for letting me vent and i wish nothing but excellent health for all of Nadia's children...When my grand-mother was widowed at a very young age and had 7 children, she took in washing and did house-cleaning to make ends meet...she would never accept CHARITY.....I guess the times have changed.....

    • profile image

      Crystal 8 years ago

      Don't everone realize that us tax payers are raising all these children? Nydia wants all the attention for herself,not for the babies. She is getting what she wants. She wants all of us taxpayers to hand over all this stuff for her benifit. Can't everone see how selfish she is? I mean she turned down AIW cause she wants sympathy from everyone, and shes getting new houses, new cars, alot of money too. I pedict in the future she is is ging to realize that getting pregnant with 8 more babies was a mistake. She couldn't even take care of the 6 she had before the octuplets, she was flat broke and then having 8 more??? She perpously did all this cause she wanted all the attention and all the free stuff shes getting

    • Ms Chievous profile image

      Tina 9 years ago from Wv

      Thanks Frieda. I will keep on top of this one. I am not so much intreseted in Naday but in what the outcome will arise from all of this.

    • Frieda Babbley profile image

      Frieda Babbley 9 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

      You've really got this topic covered! Very nice. I agree with you 100% by the way.

    • Ms Chievous profile image

      Tina 9 years ago from Wv

      Good point Mary,

      A little less hatred is needed in this case. What's done is done( for whatever the reason) and now we have to help pick up the pieces

    • profile image

      mary clausing 9 years ago

      DEar Dr.Phil

      Those so called good people, thatis senting that poor woman, with somany children, Threating letters. who ever is helping her.Should lookin the mirror hard & long.And ask their selfs, Who am I? To threaten anyone else. She need compaison, & help. Not to worrow about her life, or her family.

      Thank you

    • profile image

      Jennifer Hansen 9 years ago

      Wow. She'll need the two million. No more I hope.