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Oh No! what to do now? Tips that will save your life when finding out your pregnant.

Updated on June 19, 2013

February 2013 by: tifyya

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life little challenges has a way of testing you, You have to ride along with the waves or get caught in them.
Having a child was very tough for me. Although, I couldn't even stand to even wipe boo boo off a child's butt, because it smelled so bad. It would have been better if it smelled like roses i guess.(lol). That’s me trying to express my humor. Now back to what i was saying, "the tough thing was becoming pregnant with my first child."

Which by the way i named him Spencer! (smiles)

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Find someone you trust that is going to comfort you through any moments you may encounter with yourself while being pregnant. This includes someone being supportive, loving, caring, understandable, and wise. This can be a lot to handle and a lot to contemplate over. So it's best to go to a relaxed place with someone that is going to help you figure things out before you make the wrong decisions.

Being away from people will only make things worst for you and the baby so you don't want to make it more difficult for yourself. The more you talk to others then the more your going to see yourself getting stronger. "Strength builds character." "You never know what you can handle until you try your hardest to get through it."

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Go out and do something fun with family.


Because, if you set aside less worrying and just enjoy the people that are around you that love and care about you then your going to make the right decisions for you and your baby. You can go see a movie together, or eat out, go to a concert, the zoo and go shopping whatever it maybe just do something positive.

There are many support groups to attend and many activities with other soon to be mothers like yourself that are going through. Nothings is never new under the sun there will always be someone that can relate to your story.

whitepaper with pencil tip 3
whitepaper with pencil tip 3 | Source

Do you have a plan?

After having fun and talking to family about your situations. Now it's time to do the job that no one wants to have and that is becoming an adult having full responsibility and a plan. Whatever we do we are accountable for our own actions. Have a plan that is going to include family. Always try to Keep your loved ones involved by showing communication with them.

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whitepaper with pencil tip 4 | Source

Read a book

Reading produces knowledge and growth in the mind. You might see yourself resisting a book but a book will also help guide you along your way through pregnancy. So if your the person that hates reading then you can find that the internet may be helpful to withdrawing your information from. This might be the best solution for your concerns. You can always print out your information when needed.

whitepaper with pencil tip 5
whitepaper with pencil tip 5 | Source

don't spend more than you make.

There are many jobs out there that are available to young mothers and all you got to do is look. Once you have landed on a good and steady job then the time comes to do more saving and less spending. Babies are cute and they're the most adorable little angels on earth. But if you don't have a bank account, or any kind of savings you stored away then "how will you learn how to save?" As hard as it may sounds, Yes, babies can be expensive! "so its best to start planning early.

This means cutting back your regular shopping visits to the mall, and not buying that makeup haul to share with your "bff" OMG!!!!! Whatever it maybe that your use to doing before you became pregnant will be hard to let go. However, if you spend your money right you will always have money.

it's time to get ready for becoming a working mom.

Whenever it's time to have the baby try to stay away from becoming a shop alcoholic. Beware of this word and be cautious of how you spend your money. It is a virus and it can be contagious but hard to break. Don't be too surprised at your bank statements when you find out that your obsessively shopping took control over you if your use to spending money a lot. You have to have the mindset into thinking you have control over your own finances not the other way around.

Trying to save money? There are ways to get new clothes for the baby.

You can create a budget plan or spending plan, it's your choice to call it whatever you like as long as you feel empowered over your spending.

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