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Old Technology

Updated on March 13, 2011

Old Technology

I have twin Boy teenagers. The other day one was complaining he couldn't find the remote to the TV.and the charger to the lap top.and was mad that his cell phone was dead. What a life.I told him when I was young we didn't have a TV with a re-mote. He was stund. He ask me how did you change the channels like if you want to surf. I expalin you had to get up and turn a knob. Channel surfing,we only had 6 channels. Our Tv and most shows were in black and white. He couldn't understand that. A lap top was a board on your lap were you could draw. A cell phone well, that was on the wall with no buttons dial only.Yep in our days no 2.0 no youtube no cell phone no computer games. no ipads Just some Tv , books and board games. No flat tv,no hdtv,no 3-D.. just radio,records (vinyl disc)How did we survive? So stop complaining.



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