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How To Understand Old Men Having Children

Updated on April 11, 2013
Old Men Having Babies
Old Men Having Babies

Today I saw that 67 year old actor Steve Martin has just become a father for the first time. Not ever having had children, Mr. Martin is in for quite a few changes. I have had three children, all girls. My oldest girl is 35, my middle is 24, and my youngest girl is 19 going on 30. My children have all left home and started their own lives. My current wife of nearly 13 years and I decided that since the kids were all grown and had flown the coup, we would leave Los Angeles and move to the mountains of Northern California and begin a new chapter in our life.

With no children to look after, we decided the country life was for us. Five months after moving to the country we received a small surprise. Sixteen months later, my wife and 7 month old baby boy are sitting on the floor. My boy has just had his bath and mom is dressing him. I am 59 years old with a baby!

Everything is now changed. All our plans, ideas and thoughts for the future are completely different than what we had imagined. Instead of playing a lot of golf, I am playing a lot of baby games. In some ways it is really wonderful, and in some ways very inconvenient. On the one hand, I have this beautiful bouncing boy, and on the other hand, I have a beautiful bouncing boy who does not seem to ever stop. The constant cycles of crying, whining, cleaning, shitting and so forth are absolutely exhausting. My wife tells me if I don’t cut it out it will have a negative impact on the kid.

Having a baby when you are older is a blessing and a curse. You get to relive your past, and see first-hand all the changes in medical care and infant care currently practiced. So many things are different than when my other children were babies. Now the products for babies are safer and there are certainly more aids for babies then ever existed in the past. The only real problems are to do with me, not my new baby boy.

I am tired constantly, and do not have the energy sometimes to deal with him. This worries me since I am in top physical condition and wonder how I would take care of him if I was not in good shape. The other concern, and it is a major one, is how I am going to support this boy for the next 20 years or so. I will be in my 80’s when he finishes collage. I do not have an answer to this and am just doing my best to keep earning a living. I guess the answer lies in my ability to keep working until I am dead or strike it rich.

When rich, old men have babies, they too have concerns; however, feeding, clothing, housing and education are not in their minds in the same way as it is for those of us who cannot afford to quit working. So here is the truth of having a baby in the late autumn of your life; it is beautiful and a great blessing, it is also exhausting and terrifying. My boy is indeed, a great blessing, but like all great blessings, there has never been a great blessing that came without a great price. Call me in twenty years and I will tell you how it went.

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    • Mrs Jil Manning profile image

      Mrs Jil Manning 

      7 years ago from Sussex, England

      Thanks for this funny and thought provoking hub! I admire you! I hope never to be in your shoes afternoon with my young grand daughter is enough to make nana need a nap.


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