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Social Network - Parenting Tips - Rules and More

Updated on March 28, 2012

Yesterday's forms of communication were simple, the telephone, face to face or by writing a letter. Today's communication now also includes e-mail, texting from a cell phone, instant messaging on line through a messaging service such as Yahoo chat or on a social networks like Facebook or My Space.

Parents need to weigh the pros and cons, set limits, rules and boundries if they choose to allow their children to use instant messaging service, have their own profile on Facebook or My Space. Below are tips for internet safety for the parents

1. Educate yourself. Visit the popular websites that children and teens are using today. You need to be aware of the context of these sites. Prepare an internet contact with your children.

2. Don't allow them to post any pictures, reveal their names, ages, address, phone or cell numbers, school or other personal information. Only allow them to associate with family, friends or kids from their school. Though, you should still be aware of their on line activites.

3. Install safety software. This helps to block dangerous sites. This also comes with time management, gives you remote monitoring, you can view information from work. Before allowing them to create any accounts prepare a on line contract with them. Be specific about your rules. And most important of all you and your husband are to be given their password.

4. Tell them that account on either My Space or Facebook must be private. This way only the poeple they are friended can see their context. Their profile's can't be viewed by strangers.

5. Manage their time, give them specific rules to abide by. Such as no internet until homework is completed. Give them a time limit to spend online before and after dinner. Keeping these rules in place will give you better control. You should even give them a time limit for internet use on the weekends.

6. Make a list on the contract about what sites are allowed and if they want to check another site they need to run this by your first so you have a chance to see visit the site and view the context.

7. The computer should be in an open area such as the kitchen or living room.

8. When using the computer for any instant messaging be sure to let you know if they are messaged by a bully, stranger, or receive an inapproiate message from anyone. They are not to respond, this should be monitored by you and handled by you.

9. Their should be consequences in place if they break any of the rules you list on the internet contact.


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