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Only child or to have siblings

Updated on April 27, 2012

When it comes to starting a family, do you think of how many children you want right away? I believe that some do, sometimes even before they get married. When you think of your family, were you an only child or did you happen to have brothers and sisters? Sometimes those two choices can really make a difference on how a child is raised or how they turn out to be. How many of you can say being an only child was the best thing? What do you say about having a brother and sister? Many say that it is good to be an only child, some say it is bad, only a child who never had a brother or sister can truly answer that question. But then having a brother and sister can also be a good thing and a bad thing depending on who you ask as well.

I know someone who was an only child and he really enjoyed it because he was kind of spoiled and he didn't mind not having to share a bedroom. He saw it as a good thing for himself, even now he still gets kind of spoiled even though he become independent. I can see how being an only child can make one happy because you don't have to share a bedroom, your toys, and you have your parents all to yourself. However, it may get a bit lonesome at times because everyone wants someone to play with when they can't have their friends over. Maybe as a girl you want to have a sister to be able to share your most important times, to be able to share and keep secrets between each other. What else can you think of that will make being an only child a good thing or a negative point in ones life?

When it comes to having siblings, it can be fun because you have someone to play with when you are home. Say you have a older brother and you are the youngest daughter, you have a brother who will be there to protect you because he loves you. But say you have about two other older siblings and you happen to be the youngest, there is one thing that you would not like, the hand me downs. Who ever liked hand me downs? I am the oldest of my family, I have two brothers younger than me, so you can say I was happy to be the only girl in the family. I didn't have to share a room. I still like to spend time with my brothers though because I know that they are there for me even though they are younger than me, and yes I may get in an a little fight with my brothers at times but in the end I will always love them no matter what. Do you find that having siblings make you happy?

I don't know if I would of loved to be an only child even if it meant that I would of gotten spoiled but I enjoy having two brothers that I can count on and be with. I can talk to them, maybe not about girl stuff but I can just have fun with them and talk about family. When I have my own family someday I want to have children but whether I have only one or even two, I will be happy either way.


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