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Open-minded Vs. Close-minded Parents

Updated on April 17, 2012

Open-minded Vs. Close-minded Parents

In our society, we can see many various type of parenting, for example, my open-minded parents and my friend’s close-minded parents. Open-minded parents and close-minded parents have many differences in their way of parenting. Due to some reasons, I’d rather have open-minded parents in my family than the close-minded parents.

First, open-minded parents always listen to children’s opinions. For them, children’s opinions are very important. Sometimes my mom asks me what food that I want to eat for dinner. My dad also asks me about the activities that we will do on weekend. On the other hand, my friend’s parents are rarely asks her opinions. For the dinner, her mother will cook without asking her about what food they will eat. Her father also never asks her about weekend plans. Their parents have planned everything for her.

Second, open-minded parents give freedom to their children. My parents believe that we will be responsible in our choices. When I graduated from my high school, they asked me what university that I want to enter. They also give me freedom to choose my friends. They believe that I am mature enough to choose my own decision. On the other hand, my friend does not get much freedom like me. The university that she enters is her parent’s choice. Her parents also always look for information about all of her friends. They do not want their child make a mistake by choosing a wrong friends.

Third, open-minded parents can make their children feel close to them. My parents can make me feel very close to them. I can share all of my problems to them and I can get many good advices from them. I fell so comfortable in my home with my family rather than hangout with my friends. In contrast, my friend does not feel very close with her parents. They rarely share her problems to her parents. She always shares her problem to her friends even though her friends do not always give a wise solution for her problems. She also feels uncomfortable in her own home.

All of those differences make me feel so grateful because I have open-minded parents. Even though every parent want to do their best to their children, children will feel more comfortable with open-minded parents.


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    • profile image

      flymonanea 6 years ago

      Quite good, albeit some minor errors in vocabulary and expressions.

      - Fenny Amalo