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Orphan children can be our future

Updated on May 17, 2012

I am going to write this hub for everyone who love kids.

Firstly , I would like to share something which actually made me write this hub; I am a youngest child in my family, very pampered and loved one which is the major reason behind my writing this Hub.One night, I was twisting and turning on my bed and my mom came and hugged me, it was late night around 1:00 AM in morning. I couldn’t find the reason behind her coming to my room at that time of night. Next morning I was too curious to ask her the reason behind it but she was too busy so i left it for the evening . As I was desperately waiting for the evening so i was ready to fire on her the question of what happened to her last night which made her come to my room. We sat for Dinner and i started conversation where she said that she had a dream last night before her coming to me saying that your child is restless and needs you. I was very shocked to hear that but then i shared it with few elderly ladies who are my friends and they said it does happens that mother come to know if her ward is in trouble. I was completely impressed.


After few days thinking of Love that parents hold for their kids, I started thinking of Children who are Orphan or those who are on streets. They have never got that love which is right of every child. They don’t even get three course meals which is basic necessity to survive, not only this but also their development is confined to the boundaries where they grow. As they can be leaders, Doctors, Engineers but they are missing opportunity because of where they are being nurtured .Thinking this I started doing some Research on adoption and costs, procedures involved in adopting a child.

After doing Research i saw that every country have different rules and procedures behind adoption ,which is not only a major a constraint for adoption but there are few more major reasons behind it. The one of the most biggest hurdle i have seen people facing in adoption is money involvement and paper work related to it which turns to be nightmare for few people.

I am not debating that it is wrong to do Paper work related to Adoption because i am highly confident that it has been decided by Authorities after given keen thought on it . But i am here saying that it’s not fair on the part of those who are passing there days in Orphan house waiting for someone to take them to their world. And also not only this it is also injustice against those who are craving for child.

I would ask everyone to vote it up and support all Parents who are waiting for their turn or saving to have a child, Also on other hand not ignoring fact that a little blossoms also really need parents.

Hats off to couples and children who are being part of this Struggle.


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    • profile image

      P. Muruga SElvi 5 years ago

      I will take care of one orphan child can i?

    • Bhanu.Jas profile image

      Bhawana Salaria 5 years ago from Australia

      Thanks a lot.

    • Manisha Mansha1 profile image

      Manisha Mansha1 5 years ago from india

      Dear Bhawana mam....u really choose touching topic when in this materialistic world no one worry about even their own blood...voted up

    • profile image

      Emer420 5 years ago

      It is such a gift to adopt a child in need. I think everyone that is able and fit to should adopt when they have the chance. Great hub. Very informational and useful. :)

    • Bhanu.Jas profile image

      Bhawana Salaria 5 years ago from Australia

      Thanks for stopping by and reading it.I really appreciate your commenting on it.As every comment on this hub is valuable and precious.

    • harinarayan profile image

      harinarayan 5 years ago from Kerala, India

      Dear, I have a child. I can't sit even a day without seeing my baby. Sometimes I wonder to see the street boys, how their mother can leave them alone, how can they give up to streets, what big the matter is? I want to help them If God give me a chance. Thanks for sharing voted up and beautiful

    • Bhanu.Jas profile image

      Bhawana Salaria 5 years ago from Australia

      Thanks for sharing your views.And stopping by and reading my hub.You my really great fan.Thanks

    • Jaspals profile image

      Jaspal Singh 5 years ago from India / Australia

      Dear Bhawana. You have expressed great thoughts. When you adopt such needy kid, you give life support and this way you make life more livable. It's sad reality that some people who want kids, can't have kids. Few are those who have kids but can't keep them, for whatever reason. Holding 'little hands' to make them grown up person is certainly a great thing that we can do. You have raised a noble cause. Keep writing.