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Ouachita Parish Louisiana Genealogy Department

Updated on December 8, 2016

The Joseph Bennett McGuire Genealogy Room

Ouachita Parish Library in Monroe,Louisiana is a wonderful place. Located just north of Louisville on 18th Street, it boast many departments, most no one knows about... unless they have taken the time to look at the online offering before they take a much needed trip to the unimposing grey brick building.

The library itself was started in 1910 with only 731 books and has grown and progressed through several buildings from when it was just a hope in the eye of many a reader in 1884. Now boasting of several branches, it serves all of Ouachita Parish.

Many departments are housed in the main branch including circulation of the regular books and magazines, a reference section, a special department just for grant research, and the special collections with books and other materials; some from the early 1800s... but I warn you now, this department is kept under strict lock and key!

But the part I like best is the genealogy department in the back of the building in its only little hidden room. Open most days from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, the “Genealogy Room” has books, microfilm and internet access to many program such as

What they don’t tell you is the books – both new and old – they have in the stacks for you to search for your relatives. They also don’t tell you about the files and clippings, microfilm and other materials they have collected, so you just have to ask.

The online listing will tell you they now have the Roster of Confederate Soldiers, 1861 - 1865 on CD. This is the transcribed list of names that index the compiled Confederate service records at the National Archives. Listed are the names of the entire Confederate Army (1.5 million names in all), including every soldier from every state at every rank, in a cumulative index. For each soldier, name, highest rank achieved, unit of service, and state are provided. Also provided is essential information for obtaining an actual military service record. Ask at the genealogy desk for more information.

So if you find yourself with some extra time in Monroe, slip around to the side entrance, and just past the snack room is the door to this fascinating place. Maybe it is time you checked out the little room I’ve known about since forever...

For more information about opening times and dates, you can call the main branch at (318) 327-1490.


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    • Annette Womack profile image

      Annette Womack 6 years ago from North Louisiana

      You can contact the Alexandria Genealogy Society for someone doing professional research in that area. OR you can do the work yourself, starting with the online census records. Here are some websites you might want to check first. They are FREE. The website is free and has census, plus a lot of other records. The website is also free, just follow the levels down from the usa to the state you want to the parish/county, etc. Look at the different records available. If you want the actual record you can find a Family History Center near you --located at a LDS church -- and order the filmed records for a small shipping fee. Almost all of Louisiana's early court house records have been filmes.

    • profile image

      Patricia Murdock 6 years ago

      My name is Patricia and my email address is, I need to fine some one to help me fine my GG Grandfather, for now about 15 years are so ,I found him and his name isn't Charlie Hendricks/Hendrix till after the Civil War, his name is Thomas F,Hendricks/Hendrix by his Civil War papers I know I'll have to pay some one but as of now thats the only way I can go, I think I've found him in Alexdria Rapishs Parish in 1850 it connect with what I have about him being born in Mississippi and father in S.C. the woman there no way can be him mother, but any help to fine him is what I'm looking for , Thanks alot ,Patricia