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Our Hands Are Locked

Updated on July 29, 2012

Our children are our future. As a parent we want our children to succeed and never be harmed.

Our hands were locked together, hers much smaller than mine.

For a second I thought of letting go. Just to switch hands. At the very least wipe off my damp; slightly sweaty hand. Then something happened. I took a look around and noticed everyone around me were strangers. Instead of letting her hand go I held it tighter. Everyone around me turned into monsters. As they looked at her and smiled I seen nothing but them standing over her waiting for me to let go of her hot sweaty hand. I fear for her. What if I let go for a second and she runs from me?

Why must a parent fear for their child? People with negative attentions should not exist. For just one day I would love to trust someone, anyone really. I would love to go to a buffet and not worry that my little angel wouldn't vanish.

On the news we always hear how the child was right next to her mommy one minute and the next minute she was gone. If only I knew my children would be safe if they wondered off. That a stranger would not abuse my children in anyway.

As parents we need to look out for one and another. As a parent we need to be careful who we trust. Personally I do not care how well known a person may be I will never trust them easily. Just like a well known karate teacher. Many parents thought he was safe to trust. Then BAM! He is jail for molestation.

Can we trust anyone? Or is that just asking to much?


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