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Our Home Sweet Home

Updated on July 12, 2011

A new baby in every house is an exciting and wonderful event; especially if it’s the first baby. It’s an event that caries many different feelings for new parents. The emotions of motherhood and fatherhood are so overwhelming and words cannot describe them.

One particular part of being a mother that I love and wait for every single day is seeing the world from my baby’s eyes. Everything is new and very exciting to a baby. As they become more and more aware of the world around them, they are fascinated by very tiny and simple details that are very normal for us; adults. With your baby you become a baby too. For me it’s like I am reborn again.

In order to capture all the new feelings and the new things my baby boy experience, I have created a blog for him. You are welcome to visit it:

I write in it about his daily experiences; from a smile to a trip he took.  Which brings me to the main subject of this hub: going on a road trip for the first time with my little 22 months old boy, the preparations I’ve learned to do for next trip, and most of all realizing that home is the best place to provide the best care for my baby.

Sleep is an issue for my son. After two weeks of no naps during the day and only few hours of sleep at night, my husband suggests that we all go on a road trip to Ottawa the coming long weekend; which was Victoria Day. I loved the idea because I know that the best scenario for my son to have a good and long restful sleep is in the car with soft music on the background. Plus he really enjoys taking him for walks in the stroller while the breeze is tickling his knees  J ; which is something we will definitely do in Ottawa. It can also be a good change for us (his father and I).

Our trip started on Saturday May 22nd. Before we left the house I double checked two important items : Pinocchio movie and Celine Dion’s songs.

The ride from Toronto to Ottawa took us around 5 hours. It was ok but for some reason my son only napped half an hour and didn’t eat well. I guess he got a bit tired from the long time sitting so we were able to keep him in the mood with Celine Dion’s voice. He is fond of this woman. Her songs draw a smile on his face each time he listens to her.

When we arrived to the hotel we found out that we forgot to check when we booked online that the room has a fridge. Where would I put all the baby food that I have prepared?

That night we were invited to a barbeque by my sister’s in-laws. They had offered that I keep my baby food in their fridge J

The food, the company and the weather were very nice.

Due to the fact that my son didn’t nap the rest of the day I thought he will sleep well at night. Unfortunately he didn’t. He only got four hours of sleep and to help him fall back asleep my husband and I took turns walking him in the stroller in the hotel aislesJ. Finally he was able to sleep after three hours.

In the morning it was my special coffee time. Let’s just say that the hotel had the worst coffee I’ve ever tasted; I could only taste hot water. For me coffee time is what makes me look forward for mornings. So no good coffee in the morning really puts me off the mood.

We had a good breakfast at my sister’s in-laws then we all went to Parc de la Gatineau( Gatineau Park  ). The view there is incredible and the reflection of the green color of trees on the water was very nice. It is more of a hiking park which we didn’t prepare to. So we put it in our in the future plans. 

Le Buffet Des Continents

My son was a bit tired and not in the best mood since he didn’t get the sleep a baby needs. But he was able somehow to tolerate the rest of the day without napping.

On the evening we were invited to le buffet des continents. A big, clean and nice restaurant and the food is very good and tasty. I loved the cream caramel, yum yum.

At the end my son got really tired, so we had to go back earlier to the hotel for him to rest and sleep.

The night wasn’t so bad. My son woke up at around 5 am. This time my husband took care of putting him back to sleep. Love you hubby.

I woke up few hours later with a huge headache and no good coffee. We packed our stuff and checked out of the hotel at around 12:30 pm.

The drive from Ottawa to Toronto should take a maximum of five hours. It took us eight hours. Apparently my son was constipated, and when he is, do not talk to him J

We had to make three stops on the side of the road. The poor one was in so much pain, so he would go on non-stop screaming and nothing would ease him but mammy and daddy’s hugs. The last fourth stop was at a gas station. We put him in his stroller and walked around the station then went a bit inside the small convenience store there but the cashier lady kept giving us “you either buy something or you leave” look. When we made sure that he is in a deep sleep we jumped back in the car and drove. This time I sat in the back beside him. After five minutes he woke up. So I saved the situation with “Pinocchio” on my laptop.

He was exhausted at the last twenty minutes of the trip so guess what happens? He fell asleep.

I felt bad for taking him on this road trip. Obviously he wasn’t ready yet to tolerate a long five hours drive. And I realized that I’ve never wanted to be home like this day only to keep my baby in the best environment where he’ll be comfortable.

Click on image to view full size.
Click on image to view full size.

During the ride I snacked on some pistachios. I bit on one and for some reason I looked at the rest of it in my hand, when I saw a warm in the pistachio, an alive warm that I was going to eat. This is one of the many times I find bugs in my food. The worst of them you can read about it in my hub:

I don’t know what’s the deal with me and bugs in food.

We’ve arrived home at eight pm. Home sweet home. I got off the car with my arms wide opened to hug my lovely home.

The funny thing is that the minute my son got in the house he did his business ;)

I did enjoy this trip. After all, Ottawa is a new place for my son and I’m sure in some way he enjoyed the different experience.

I enjoyed the places we went to. I enjoyed the company of my sister, her husband and her in-laws. And most of all I enjoyed travelling with my husband who was so sweet, funny and a big help like always. Love you hubby.


Taking this trip made me add more items to my “Trips-To-Do List”. I thought I’ll share them with you. Hope you’ll find them helpful. And wish you all luck in your coming trips.

The New Items to my “Trips-To-Do List”:

1.       If booking a room at hotel on line, make sure the room has a fridge.

2.       If you need boiled or warm water for your baby get your own water heater.

3.       Get the most things your baby likes(books, toys, music, movies…etc)

4.       In long hours rides have yourself or somebody set in the back seat with your baby.

5.       Get all medicines or pain reliefs your baby and you might need.

6.       Give yourself the time to imagine the worst scenario (God forbid) that could happen to your baby and what would you do to help. So you’ll prepare for it ahead.

7.       Finally, if you cherish your morning coffee just get your own favorite kind J


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    • Nady profile image

      Nady 7 years ago from Toronto

      Dinalicious: thx for the comment.

    • Dinalicious profile image

      Dinalicious 7 years ago

      what a trip :) I'm glad you enjoyed it after all but don't forget that with babies it's always a surprise.. you can never know what to expect & what mood will they be in... I enjoyed your company a lot as well & hopefully we'll have more of those in the future where the little monster will enjoy as well ;)

    • Nady profile image

      Nady 7 years ago from Toronto

      Thank you for reading Linda. don't get me wrong, it was a nice trip after all.

      yup still a fan of cream caramel :)

    • profile image

      Linda 7 years ago

      Nice experience Nadeen!

      Hope next time it'll be better

      with children u have to expect every thing(good or bad)!!!

      You still like cream caramel????

      u reurned me back to hostel's days!!!