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St. Patrick's Day Or The Day Of The Leprechauns

Updated on March 16, 2015
Some time after you fall asleep on March 16th, the little green men will come.
Some time after you fall asleep on March 16th, the little green men will come.

Little Green Men

For as long as we started believing in the leprechauns they have visited us sometime during the wee hours of St. Patrick's Day. Sometime after midnight when the night is the darkest and we've all finally drifted off to the land of Nod. It's hard to find sleep this night because of the excitement that awaits us. Little green men are coming to play practical jokes on us. To turn our milk green. And to leave us treats in repayment of their tricks.

Holidays are funny! Funny looking!
Holidays are funny! Funny looking!

Oh, The Tricks They Will Play

The leprechauns have a great sense of humor! They love to play pranks and jokes and the sillier, the better! One year they drew a mustache on my face. The kids were especially excited about seeing their mother walking around with a mustache all day. They've been known to hang underwear from ceiling fans. Build pyramids out of canned goods. Line our shoes all up in a row. If it's something that a child would find hilarious, the leprechauns will do it. They even pooped golden glitter in our toilet once. Without even bothering to flush.

It looks weird, but still full of Vitamin D!
It looks weird, but still full of Vitamin D!

The Milk! It's Green!

Every year there is always something that is the same. One constant amid the chaos of what is the leprechaun's romp. Each and every year we find that somehow our milk has been turned green! It smells the same. It tastes the same. But instead of the creamy whiteness that we are all used to, it's green! We're not sure how they do this, or why, but it's something that we love and look forward to. It wouldn't be St. Patrick's Day without two things. Corned beef and cabbage and green milk.

Chocolate filled golden coins are always a favorite!
Chocolate filled golden coins are always a favorite!

So Many Treats!

Over the years we've been left so many things by these little guys. Different amounts of awesomeness that we have loved and cherished. Green hued delights that are always unique and seem to equal the level of destruction and disarray that they visited upon us. The greater the clean up job, the more hearty the bounty.

Mmmmmmmmmm! Delicious!
Mmmmmmmmmm! Delicious!

Don't Forget The Corned Beef And Cabbage!

After the mess is all cleaned up. The chairs put back in their upright positions. The underwear all un-hung from the ceiling fans. After the kids are all contentedly playing with their new gifts from those little green men, it's time to indulge on the one and only, the Corned Beef And Cabbage!

Corned beef and cabbage is a simple thing to create. The bag of corned beef comes with it's own spice packet, which means that really, you can't go wrong! The night before St. Patrick's Day, just before bed follow these simple instructions:

Open the corned beef package and place in your crock pot. Open and sprinkle the included spice packet over the corned beef. You may add a can of beef broth if you wish, or some people even add a can of beer, but neither of these are necessary. Place the lid back on the crock pot and place the heat setting on low. About an hour before serving the next day, slice a cabbage into bite size pieces and add to the crockpot. You can also add diced potatoes and sliced carrots if you'd like. Continue cooking until the veggies are all tender. Just before serving, mix it all up, and then pour into bowls. Easy AND delicious!

Magic exists if you believe.
Magic exists if you believe.

Sometimes All It Takes Is To Believe

As parents my husband and I love all holidays. The more that we can celebrate, the more memories that we can make, the happier we all are. Sometimes for something to exist, all you have to do is believe. The more magic you can put into your children's lives, the better, as far as I'm concerned. Your children only get one childhood. Spread the magic every chance you get!

Here's a video on how to build a leprechaun trap. Maybe you will be lucky enough to snag one!

Do you believe in leprechauns?

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