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Our children are A future

Updated on March 6, 2015

Where does the future start

It is often said that the key to the future is children.
Oh how wrong it all is.
Children can only change the world if their parents are willing to suffer and sweat... to turn them into the leaders our world so sorely need. Sometimes you hear parents say that what they teach their kids don't really matter because they get taught everything in school anyway.
Wrong again.
Growing a future leader has nothing to do with learning to recite history, though it doesn't hurt to know where we come from... nor does it come from learning how to hammer things together or to multiply.
Greatness is not achieved by knowing calculus or syntax.
True greatness starts with a well placed and genuine smile, and grows increasingly larger with respect and integrity. Sure they only grow a tiny bit with every simple gesture, but once it reaches a certain level it becomes a thing called reputation.

Now reputations can be good or bad.
And while a bad reputation can make you famous for decades, a truly good reputation can plant you name in history for centuries.
Today all anyone ever cares about is their reputation, but everyone is worried about the wrong kind of reputations...
The word "child" is now associated with snotty little brats at the mall yelling to their mother five isles down that they WANT that new thing... The word "teenager" is linked to hoodlums in jeans to their knees and thirteen year olds in tube tops and six inch heels.

Children are no longer the sweathearts that we entrust the world to, they are poor little dears who are inheriting a broken Earth... and they can't tear their poor ADHD little brains away from their zombie apocalypse games.
Zombies might never exist, but some day the poor will fight the rich like the zombies in the games and movies do.
Thousands decending En Masse to beg for a single scrap of anything nutritious.

And who will be the rich ones?
The quieter little ones who rather said 'thank you' for every chance presented to them,
said 'how are you' to change
and the ones who held the door open when opportunity knocked.

But did they learn to do these all on their own?
Of course not.

It has to come from somewhere and it sure as hell is not school.
School is the horribly lengthy misconception that life will be set in front of you for you to copy and complete. School is the misconception that there is only one right answer.

Thankfully school is soon remedied by reality, but by then it is usually too late.

The ones who carry the guns in the "zombie apocalypse" of our future are going to be the ones whose parentstaught them to strive for success and that there is more to life than one answer. But they will never learn if they never listen... So teach the children to listen. Teach theme to be Quiet when they have nothing to say and to speak up when something really means a lot to them. Make them work for their learning. None of that copy and complete crap, you want your child to BE great... not a paper pusher for someone who is great.

And please (on a side note) for the sake of our collective sanity, teach them to chew with their mouth closed.

Children should be eager to explore their world.
Take a child to play in trees and to water flowers, then tell them that trees wont be around forever and you just watch the determination set in.
For who will fight harder to save a little tree?
A child who sees it from his window every day?
Or the little girl who watered that little tree every day?
The one who skipped with joy at it's first blossom,
it's first fruit.

The future is not handing over a broken world to clueless children.
The key to the future is inspiring our children to be great, to feel great, to do great things.

The key to the future is to inspire in them true determination.

The key to the future lies with us.


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