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Our country has a strong family value system

Updated on December 30, 2016

A Good Family

The greatest happiness in our family

The Indian family

In our country, different members of the family make an effort to adjust to each other. This is so, because our country has a strong Family Value System. Here the elders are not seen as a burden. Instead, they are treated as people with experience and wisdom from whom the young generation can learn a lot.

Elders are very important in the family

Old age is a very crucial stage in one’s like. Elders in the family need proper care, respect, hospitality, love and concern from all others in the family. When they cannot do the things for themselves. It is the moral responsibility of children and grandchildren in the family to help them. They should not be ignored, disrespected and neglected.

Job In a Old Family

Elders are very important in the family.

Elders are respectable persons in the family. Their presence would give a kind of moral support and psychological strength to others in the family.

The basic family values are-

a) respect for elders. b) take care of our parents in their old age. c) respect our guru or teacher. d) Contribute to society and humankind through selfless service. e) pass on our cultural, spiritual and ancient heritage to our children.

The benefits of living in a family-

Family, being the basic constituent of the community or society, helps its members to lead a meaningful and successful life. It also helps in the continuation of family discipline, culture, values, customs and practices to the successive generations. It develops in a feeling of belongingness and security.

A Group OF Family

We give respect to our elders

To have peace and happiness in the family the life led by each member of the family should be good. This can only happen if each member of the family understands his or her specific roles and responsibilities and acts accordingly.

Our country is great. We give respect to our elders. We respect our teachers and others, as like our family members. That is the our country people of the greatness.


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    • Yemmiganur Krish profile image

      Madugundu Krishna 7 months ago from Bengaluru

      thank you sir for commenting.

    • greenmind profile image

      greenmind 7 months ago

      Yes I agree with you family is very important!