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Outdoor kid’s toys help to build strong muscles and provide eye and hand coordination

Updated on August 13, 2012

If your kid’s idea of exercise is a video game controller, now might be a good time to reintroduce them to some old fashioned exercise toys and games.

The old time sandbox digger will keep the little construction worker busy for hours while helping them build lower and upper body strength.

The hand and eye coordination needed to operate this little digger is excellent to help develop strength and motor skills while having fun playing.

Add an umbrella or shade cloth and this little toy will keep them going all day long.

The ever popular tricycle was something every kid had when we were growing up and back then they were built to last.

This tricycle even includes a hitch to pull a wagon or cart.

What better way to build leg muscles and to burn off energy than a tricycle.

This heavy duty tricycle will still be going for their kids someday.

The popular coaster wagon was used for just about any imagination that could be dreamed up on four wheels from covered wagons, to army jeeps.

Coaster wagons kept the kids outside on just about any nice day.

Even the family pet was in the action either riding in or hitched to the wagon.

If you want your kids really to take a step back in time and have a neat decorator piece for your home, then before the coaster wagon was the express wagons.

These authentic express wagons even have wood spoke wheels.

Express wagons served dual functions as they were used to do both farm chores, shopping trips to town as well as used for play.

This old time hand car was also a popular ride on toy during the era of growing up in the early and mid 1900s. The one pictured is actually sold as a hardware kit with plans to build.

Even on those snowy days a kid and their old fashioned metal runner sled could be occupied for hours of exercise walking up and sledding down a hill.

For family backyard games to keep everyone off of the couch consider a professional style Volley Ball Set.

This volley ball set easy up and down without having drive post into the ground. The set even includes the boundary lines and ground stakes.

Looking for something a bit more less exhausting? Then how about a family game of Croquet or a bean bag toss.

All these old time outdoor items are still available at Cottage Craft Works .com


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