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The price of being "parented"

Updated on July 8, 2014

Are we entitled to be obliged and must we pay a price for being brought up by our very own parents to the extent of accepting mindlessly?

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Its a social myth and a longstanding misconception that parents, the people who teach you ways of life could never be stated wrong. Some would consider it a sin and others just wouldn't bother messing with the ongoing social belief so to say. This leaves apart a handful of those who beg to differ.

They may have hand-held us through the many stages of life and they undoubtedly would have carried us through all those troubling times. But does it come with a cost? Does one need to be obliged by their preachings and does one never have a say opposing theirs, even though they maybe wrong this time? Who gives them the right to own us. Its no point bringing a life in this world if you wont allow freedom of thought and action. Some would call it rebellious character, i would call it individualism. I would call it freedom to be.

There is nothing wrong with a person defining his own life. And its not mandatory that the parental acceptance for something must be followed even though it makes no sense. This doesn't mean disrespect in any way but its just the way some of us perceive things. You can't make your little clones running around the streets and duplicating your own behaviour with the exact same flaws as you. Rather you should be happy that what you nurtured has the capacity to grow out of those flaws, hold on to your virtues and create a person much more evolved (of-course with flaws of their own). Only if it were that simple for them to digest this.

When you give an individual the status of an adult, it means something. But somehow only the part of acting responsible and mature is highlighted while the other benefits that must count are conveniently overlooked by our folks.

If an adult is entitled to dedicate himself towards earning his own bread isn't he allowed to buy his own pint of beer as well?!

Is it okay for an individual to set his own rules or must he follow those set by parents and social systems?

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