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Sharing My Afghans

Updated on May 8, 2012
This afghan I bartered for an antique mirror for our bathroom.
This afghan I bartered for an antique mirror for our bathroom. | Source

Giving or Bartering!

If you don't know what bartering is, I will tell you. People in the past years used to do it alot! If they did not have any money to puchase an item or product they would bring something that they raised, or that they made, or that they grew in a garden or yard to trade for something that they needed or wanted. Also they would offer to build something in exchange for something. Well, that is kind of what I have been doing with my afghans. I gave a very lovely elderly lady of a friend an afghan because I knew she would get much joy out of it. Within the next month she gave me her car, of which I did not expect! She had become bedridden and could not drive anymore and my husband total my car out and I was without a car and it came just in time. It has finally taken me most of my life to learn this, but when a person steps out in faith and does something out of the kindness in their heart, something of kindness usually follows that kindness back to that person. I don't believe that was bartering but the next time I believe it was.

Made by Bonita
Made by Bonita | Source
This is an Cross Stitch on an afghan Stitch.
This is an Cross Stitch on an afghan Stitch. | Source

The Dentist

I went to my dentist one day and usually as I do most of the time, I take an afghan so I can work on it in the waiting room. He knew I liked to make them and sell them, but this particular day that I went, I had to have an extraction. He said to me, "I'll tell you what, how much are you selling them for?" I said I usually sell them for $300.00 depending if I put beads on them, or doubled the yarn, or did any extra work on them. He said, "I will charge you $600.00 for the extraction and instead of you paying me money, I would like the last two afghans you made." I said that sounds good to me, it is a deal. So the next time I came I brought the afghans. That is what you call bartering. He was happy and I was happy.

This Afghan is made in all squares and each square is a differnt pattern and stitch.
This Afghan is made in all squares and each square is a differnt pattern and stitch. | Source

Donating For a Good Cause!

Another way to make your arts and crafts count is to find a way to make them useful for a good cause. Every year my husband puts on a concert at the Barrow's Theater here in Franklin and they have a raffle at the intermission time and this last year I donated one of the afghans as the prize for the raffle. I called it my Steelers Afghan, of course it was black and gold. I have a picture of it on the other computer that crashed sorry to say. The lady who won it was really thrilled, and I was happy to donate it.

Gift for a Secret Sister!

This Afghan was a gift.
This Afghan was a gift. | Source

A Gift for Someone!

At the Church I attend, they have a group of women that they call "The Secret Sisters". Each year they draw names and buy a gift for someone in the group. I had a friend who knows the person I drew and she knew the colors in her living room and she told me what colors they were so I chose those colors to make her this afghan. She was not only surprised, but elated about it. Later on I saw it on her sofa and it was a perfect match in her living room. One thing about it when you have the ability to make something nice, it is wonderful to be able to share that art or craft with someone you care for or just someone who you would like to share it with, just to see them smile and make their life a little more appreciated or loved.

A Gift
A Gift | Source
This Afghan was a Gift
This Afghan was a Gift | Source
This Afghan was a Gift
This Afghan was a Gift | Source
This Afghan was a Gift
This Afghan was a Gift | Source
This Afghan a Gift
This Afghan a Gift | Source
This Afghan Sold
This Afghan Sold | Source
This Afghan Sold
This Afghan Sold | Source


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