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In PA Children and Youth Services Complaints-Mother comnplaints using CPS

Updated on August 1, 2011

     I got through the death of my grandaughter Brionna Levine which was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Two days before she died, I woke up at 3am to find someone running out my back door and my daughter sitting on the couch. I was upset because Kala knew her baby was dying and I was under so much stress. How could she do this too me at a time like this. I decided to buy a padlock for the backdoor and told her she was grounded. She later told me that it was Adam, a boy she had been seeing which I forbit her too see because of his drug use and constant harrasement at me.

I speculate she called CPS or she had someone call for her. CPS was knocking on my door October 19, 2010. They stated they recieved a call that Kala was locked in my home with no way to exit. I explained the situation of Kala sneaking a boy in my home and they acted as though they understood. At that point my daughter was upset and said she wasnt staying in my home. I also informed them Kala goes to school everyday and is even home before I get out of work. Kala was upset because I refuse to alow her to see this Adam Weaver. Adam admittingly posts that he just wants to get high on his facebook. He is not a boy I want her to be around. I know I can't totally stop it but she should atleast respect the fact not to bring him around my home. CPS then said she can go stay with a friend for a few days till things calm down. Kala then stated she wanted to go stay with my exhusband, which ofcourse she would because he is a herowin addict and would let my child do whatever she wanted too. Although I told CPS not to take her there, they did anyhow. They had me sign papers stating it was only a temperary three day thing, which I later find out they lied to me. My ex inlaws have had three children and everyone of them kids are on drugs. Two of them still live at home and are 21 and 28 and neither of them have jobs. They are not role models for my daughter.

Three days later I recieved court papers in the mail stating CPS was taking me to court the following week. They stated on the court papers three lies. Number one it stated Kala miss carried, That wont be hard to prove them lieing, little do they know, I documented every day of Brionnas life through my hubs. They also stated I packed Kalas cloths for her which I did not. The lady from CPS would not allow me too and had Kala pack them. And then they said initially Kala stated,  everything was in my head and I am mental which I never heard her say.

After recieving the emails I decided to go through my daughters Myspace,  and Facebooks accounts. I found hundreds of emails where she was continually sneeking this boy in my house and even addmitting to using drugs while being pregnant. I also founf an email that Kala stated on October 6th she was plotn to go live with my exhusband because she couldnt stand me anymore.

 I went to court a few days before Halloween and the judge court ordered kala and I go to counseling and Kala can find a way to work things out with her mom or he can place her in a 24 hour lock down facility. The judge left it up to CPS to set up the counseling and wanted to  see us back in court in thirty days. Yea, its now after Thanksgiving and I have not heard anything from CPS or my daughter. Although I did recieve a phone call from one of my daughters friends who said Kala contacted her and was highly intoxicated and could hardley talk. I then sent a letter to the state police with the information I recieved.


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