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Updated on February 5, 2013

We are what we already became in childhood


I am motivated to right this hub by a number of issues I came across last weekend. I met a parent and a son ,the boy looked quite mature, very tall, almost handsome; if at all handsome was created for kids. He was addressing his mother in good English, posing to listen to instructions and proceeding to give the next response; he was in diapers. The question that begged an answer here is, couldn’t the mother also carry out a similarly animated discussion to this child about using a toilet? As a parent assuming you die today, Are there people in your family ready to change diapers for your six year old son? Someone please educate me; Is there anything about diapers that is so lucrative ,modern and trendy that mothers don’t want to have a diaper free child? I met a little girl from school too yesterday, she had her shoe laces untied, trying to create rapport I played with her ,then told her to tie up the laces, instead she stopped followed me 10 metres giving me the toe that had untied laces for me to tie it up. She knows that shoe laces must be tied by others besides her. Are we carelessly spoon feeding our children?

It is important that children are patiently trained into roles nannies are hired to do for them so that eventually they become normal citizens. Research shows that negative traits like laziness is developed during childhood. Growth of lazy individuals is usually retarded starting from family life to even performance in learning institutions and work places. Teaching responsibility in children starts with parents first acknowledging that a child is born with ability to thrive. Children should be allowed to show interest in adult activities and also be allowed to participate in their own small ways. Find what to put in mind when training a child to responsibility

What we have now was passed onto others before us with love and great patience.We should do the same.


At a very tender age children show a great interest in things around them, especially in the house, keeping the dangerous things away ,allow a child to touch things in the house. It does not matter whether they break them or not. It may only sadly be through breaking some things that they learn that it is right to handle things carefully or too that breaking things makes mum annoyed. Restricting your child from touching things in the house makes them feel like they may be the smaller ones after say the television and glass. The child will not feel need to be a custodian but a restricted lesser house object. Whenever doing house chores allow the child to participate by bringing water or washing too in a small way. Do not rewash their poorly washed utensils while they are watching. They stop feeling a sense of achievement. In humans it is only a sense of achievement that makes one to forge ahead ,children too want to feel this. It is good for a parent to notice small fetes achieved by children and congratulate them. Parents need to establish various methods to congratulate their children occasionally. Setting small targets and building on them also works.


Many children die before their fifth birthday due to very preventable opportunistic infections. Sometimes parents die leaving their children with people not very keen on hygiene. Another truth is that most parents do not spend so much time with their young ones due to working assignments away from home or mostly the children are with other people most times. Parents should accept the fact that they cannot be always there to ensure sanitation. The sanitation left into the hands of a well trained child is the most reliable one. Young children lack the patience to grasp information given in lecture form. They could be trained on what germs are using colourful animations, then later taught the importance of hand washing with soap and the times they need to wash hands. The information should be delivered in such a manner as to suggest to the children that any time they wash hands they overcome a big enemy called germs. It could be done in a customised song method so as to be easily memorised by the young ones. Parents can teach a child a phrase to recite while washing hands to ensure that they take some while washing ,otherwise kids lack the patience to do a boring task like hand washing for long, as interesting activities like playing are on hold. Any good toilet manners in adulthood should be emphasized in childhood. Allowing your child to carry the potty and put it in a discrete place before using it is useful. It is also during this phase that a child can be taught how to carefully lower some clothes and use the potty. I know a little boy who always removed all his clothes leave them anywhere and walk straight to his pot. This child will pick many germs in a daycares set up. After a child has used the pot they should learn that they need to cover up their bad mess, a child should be trained to personally cover the pot, not to mess areas around the pot and also to call attention to a parent or caregiver to dispose of the mess soonest.Handwashing after every pot use emphasizes in future the need for washing hands after using the toilet.


Teaching order in a child starts first with a parent giving a child a sense of belonging children also deserve to be treated with respect. A child will only feel like they belong where their opinions are listened to and some implemented. Parents need to be more open, not forcing our military upbringing onto our children is key. Children should be given few things known in the family as entirely theirs, this could be chairs, cups bed. In learning to protect these things they learn to protect family things too. In other people asking them for permission to access their things the children also learn to respect other people’s things. The power of negotiation is instilled in them too this way. Teaching organisation in children is better taught by example. Parents need to establish permanent ways of storing shoes, dirty clothes and simply tasks like bed spreading after waking up . Children should be provided with small labelled boxes for storing their thing. Littering being totally discouraged.


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    • Livingtwentyfirst profile imageAUTHOR

      Betty Tobiko 

      5 years ago from Mombasa.

      Thank you LongTimeMother am new here struggling with learning here and there.I love your hubs too.I especially looved the chicken one.

    • LongTimeMother profile image


      5 years ago from Australia

      This is an excellent hub with very good advice. I voted it up!


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