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Panchatantra stories | The four friends and the hunter | Stories about friendship

Updated on May 16, 2013

Panchatantra stories

The panchatantra stories are thought to have been composed about eighteen centuries ago. These short and interesting stories are not only entertaining to read or listen but also often convey very thought-provoking messages and morals that are relevant even today. The four friends and the hunter is one such panchatantra story - a story about friendship.

The four friends and the hunter story is retold below. It demonstrates the adage that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

The four friends and the hunter

Dewey Deer, Mitu Mouse and Cauva Crow were very good friends. They all lived in a small village on the banks of a beautiful river.

The three friends often gathered together for lunch and spent time discussing various matters. They enjoyed each other's company and spent quite a bit of time together.

Tol Turtle also lived in that village on the river bank. Tol used to often watch the three friends laughing and talking together and felt quite envious that he had no friends to talk with. One day Tol decided to meet with the three friends. He saw them together come close to the river bank and started walking towards them ever so slowly.

"Look," cried Mitu Mouse, "that rock is moving!"

"That is a turtle, Mitu - turtles move very slowly!" explained Dewey Deer. She knew a lot more that Mitu.

"I think that turtle is coming to meet us," said Cauva. "Let us go and meet him instead, else we will have to be here all day."

So the friends went and met with Tol Turtle.

"Hello, were you coming to see us," enquired Dewey.

"Yes, I want to be your friend. I have no friends and I feel so lonely. Can I come and spend some time with you?" pleaded Tol.

"Delighted," said Dewey. "But aren't you scared. Don't you know that a cruel hunter has come to the village recently? What will you do if he comes after you? I can run very fast, Cauva can fly away and Mitu can bite! But how will you defend yourself?"

"That is why I need some friends," exclaimed Tol.

But just while he was speaking the hunter appeared. Dewey Deer bolted away in seconds. Cauva was high in the air in a twinkling of a eye and Mitu had scurried underground to somewhere only he knew where. Poor Tol Turtle was picked up in the hunter's net even before he knew it.

"I would have liked to have got the deer," pondered the hunter. "But never mind, this turtle shall do nicely for my dinner tonight."

The hunter caught Tol in his net and went away. After a while the three friends gathered there again. "How sad, we could not help that turtle," cried Dewey, "Just when he was wanting to be our friend too!"

"Let us try to rescue him," said Cauva Crow. I shall fly high and see where the hunter has taken him. Cauva flew up in the sky and spotted the hunter with Tol some distance ahead near where the fishermen's boats were anchored. He came down and reported this to the others.

They made a plan to rescue Tol. By means of a short-cut Dewey Deer managed to go ahead of the hunter. She lay down on the ground on the hunter's path as though dead.

The hunter saw the deer lying and was delighted. "This is my lucky day," he exclaimed. "First a turtle and now a deer!" He put down the net with Tol and rushed towards the deer.

Dewey Deer waited till the hunter got close and then suddenly seemed to awake and take off. She ran, but not very fast. The hunter was startled but chased her. She ran such that the hunter could not get her but she was always in sight. That way she led the hunter on a long chase.

Meanwhile Tol Turtle was left in the net on the ground. Mitu Mouse appeared quickly and bit the net freeing Tol. Tol quickly went into the river water after saying a hurried 'thank you'.

Cauva Crow flying alerted Dewey that the mission was done. Dewey then accelerated her pace and disappeared into the woods.

The hunter gave up the chase in disappointment. "Oh well, anyway I have a turtle," he thought as he re-traced his way back to where he had left Tol in the net. To his surprise the net was torn and the turtle was gone.

The hunter was totally confused and also frightened. "This is a strange place" he thought. "Dead deer start running, nets get torn on their own! Better I leave this place and go else where."

And so the hunter never came back to that place. The three friends were very happy and they invited Tol also to be their friend. Tol joined them often, seeing that the hunter no longer came there and the four friends lived happily thereafter.

Stories about friendship

This panchatnatra story, The story of the four friends and the hunter is, a story about friendship, and shows the value of friends. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Another story about friendship - The lion and the mouse - video

Another kids short story - the fox and the crow - video


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    • Seafarer Mama profile image

      Karen A Szklany 

      5 years ago from New England

      She did, and we look forward to visiting your other hubs full of children's stories. :0)

    • wwriter profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from India

      Thank you. I hope your daughter enjoys the story too.

    • Seafarer Mama profile image

      Karen A Szklany 

      5 years ago from New England

      Great story and videos. Looking forward to showing them to my daughter.


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