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Parent Alienation and the Wizard of Oz

Updated on October 21, 2010

"the Great and Powerful OZ!"

Smoke + Mirrors = Fake Facade
Smoke + Mirrors = Fake Facade

We're OFF to see the WIZARD!

"Why you should be ashamed of yourself!" cried Dorothy with shock when Toto pulled back the curtain. Here the great and powerful Wizard of OZ who had them shaking with fear was no more than a skinny old man hiding behind a facade of smoke and mirrors! The 'Wonderful Wizard of Oz' was nothing more than a big FAKE. Lies, it was all lies!  They'd been fooled.  With great shock they wondered...'but HOW could that BE?'

Why Alienating Parents are Like the Wizard of Oz

On the surface they play out a very impressive and effective act. They say the right things and impress others as such a wonderful parent. You'll see them in public with their kids, smiling proudly while they lap up the validation they need as desperately as a vampire needs blood. He or she might even be admired by many as one who will 'save the day' for these poor kids who they 'love' so much.  It may take some time before others begin to realize that they've been duped, and even longer for the kids who've been brainwashed by their cunning acts of selfishness.

Behind the OZ Facade: PAS

Behind the curtain of "I am a great and powerful parent" is a mom or dad who is so insecure as to need the child to love THEM alone, and this need is so desperate and to such a degree that they'd even encourage their own child to hate the other parent after a divorce.  That is the crux of parent alienation, yet it is hidden behind SUCH false facades that their 'act' often works...with judges and lawyers, sometimes even family members and friends.  Many do fall for the smoke and mirrors of phony acts of 'loving parent'  which ends up only do more harm to the children involved.

The Wizard and the Wicked Witch

"Bring me the broom of the wicked witch" bellows the wizard. The guilty looks for who to blame in order to put the attention of guilt elsewhere. That's a tricky and clever tactic, among many in the insidious bag of tricks used by the wizard.

Wizards of parent alienation use a similar bag of sneaky and insidious tricks. Accusations of fault in the other parent are rampant. The most common accusation is that of abuse. What a tricky and clever tactic, to accuse the other parent of the very same thing they are doing.   In a sneaky way a child was taught to hate their own parent. They'll deny this, of course, yet the fact that they deny having done so only makes them more guilty. Those who intentionally alienate children from a parent in this way are guilty of serious emotional abuse.  Are we to believe that after years of a close and loving relationship that this child (children) just happened to begin hating the other parent?

PAS is no Yellow Brick Road

No happy singing nor fields of poppies will bring one to understand the complications behind parent alienation. To accept that a 'good' parent would alienate their children from the other parent for no reason beyond alleged accusations with no basis in truth is akin to following a yellow brick road toward the magical kingdom of OZ with some blind belief in fantasy.

PAS and 'If I Only had a Heart'

Indeed, what person with a HEART would teach hatred to their own kids?  What parent would intentionally create even more havoc in the lives of children who just suffered the break up of their own parents?  Consider that such a person might not even be capable of 'love' in a real sense, that their own sick need for recognition comes long before anyone or anything else, including their children.

PAS and Flying Monkeys

The flying monkeys worked for the evil witch and acted on her bidding without question.  Those cunning parents who alienate children will deliver some very convincing accusations about the other parent to friends, family or anyone they believe might listen.  They enjoy spreading rumors and will play this evil game to the hilt.  Beware of those 'flying monkeys' who accepted such accusations without question and joined in to spread the evil words in whispered gossip.  Think twice before involving yourself in a high conflict divorce and custody situation lest you fall prey to such evil and become a flying monkey for the alienating parent.

Parent Alienation is Child Abuse

Should the Wizard Be Punished?

What consequence might be appropriate for the wizard's false front?

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