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What is Precocious puberty?

Updated on February 18, 2015

From one parent to another. I get it.

First, I want to say, I know how you feel! I too was once in your shoes. I not only had one child diagnosed with Precocious puberty, but both of my children was diagnosed a year apart from each other at the young age of five. So i know how sick you may be feeling at this moment. How alone you might feel because no one seems to understand what you are going through. I too were in your shoes not that long ago. I remember, crying and asking God why? I remember the sleepless nights and questioning myself what i did wrong. I remember my children's school sending me truancy letters because my child, Specially my youngest, was in so much pain some days i couldn't bare to send her to school. I get it! And that is why i have been doing my own research and getting all the facts, so i can give you everything there is to know all in one place and hopefully ease your mind a little bit. So if you are ready, Let's begin.

What exactly is Precocious puberty or ccp?

CCP is what a young child is often diagnosed with when they begin to show signs of early onset puberty. You may notice that your child may have had a growth spurt and you may also notice that he or she is the tallest in their class. (My children were way taller than the children in their class starting in kindergarten.) Your child may even start to develop body odor and have to begin wearing deodorant. Other signs that may come along with precocious puberty are, development of breast tissue in young girls. Both male and females may begin to develop hair, On their legs, Arms, Underarms, As well as their private area.

What causes CCP?

CCP begins when the brain begins to produce a hormone called Gonadotropin. The Gonadotropin hormone causes the pituitary gland to release two more hormones, Which are the Luteinizing hormone and the Follicle hormone. Both the Liuteinizing hormone and the Follicle hormone cause the awakening of the ovaries, Which in return makes other hormones that cause the ovaries to produce hormones that are involved in the growth and development of male (testosterone) and female (estrogen) characteristics. Both estrogen and testosterone cause the body to begin making the psychical changes that occur when one begins to hit puberty and starts to mature.

Signs of CCP

~ "Mature" Body odor

~ Pubic hair

~ Underarm hair

~ Breast development

~ Rapid height growth

~ Acne

~ Onset of mestruation

~ Deepening of the voice

~ Facial hair

~ Emotional outbreaks

Diagnoeses of CCP

To diagnose CCP your child's doctor will ask a series of questions about your child as well as family history.

He will perform a physical exam, to examine what and if any body changes have been made to your child's body.

He will want to get blood work done on your child to check thyroid levels as well as, your child's hormone level.

He will also want to check your child to get an x ray done of your child's wrist, to check your child's bone age. This will be able to tell your child's doctor just how fast your child is growing.

You will also more than likely be asked to get an MRI done of your child's brain, This is a way to rule out any medical issues that could cause CCP.

Lastly, he may also want your child to get an ultrasound done on their ovaries, as this can be helpful in some cases as well.

Treatment options

There are two forms of treatment, your child can get the injections (Lupron) that usually are given once and month into the muscle or daily depending on what your doctor suggests. The other option is the implant (Supprelin), Which usually last about a year. Implants are tiny tubes about the size of a car fuse and are usually placed in the upper arm. Their job is to gradually release medicine into the body.

Side effects

Side effects from the medication are said to be mild. But include Headaches, Menopausal symptoms (hot flashes) and abscesses at the injection site. In my personal opinion, as far as that being all of the side effects for the injections, I beg to differ but will get into that later. The medication works by blocking the hormones coming from the Pituitary gland that triggers puberty.

Fun Facts

~CCP effects 1 out of 5,000 children

~ Puberty is considered CCP when a girl is younger than 8 or a boy is younger than 9

~ During the first month of treatment signs of puberty may actually become more noticeable but after that they should go away.

~ In girls it's a high possibility the breasts will have shrunk after 6 to 12 months into treatment. Sometimes even disappearing.

~ Sometimes but not all, a child showing signs of CCP may stop showing signs altogether as CCP may slow down or stop altogether.

~ Without treatment, most kids with CCP grow to an average height as adults. Although some kids are at a higher risk of being shorter than average. Especially kids who start showing symptoms under the age of six.

~ There is no known reason as to why the brain signals it is time for puberty to start early. Very rarely, CCP is caused by a medical issue.

Do your homework before choosing treatment

In my personal opinion, If your child has been diagnosed with CCP and you are looking into treatment options please do your research! Both of my children were put on Lupron injections from the time they were five and stayed on it until recently. I have since gotten them off the injections and they both had the minor surgery to get the implant put into their arms. So far, I love it and i personally think i made the right choice for my children and i will add their stories down below, but i beg you to please, please, please do your homework before choosing one or the other.

My childrens story with Lupron

Both of my daughters started on Lupron injections at the age of five due to precocious puberty. When I was introduced to the injections I was told Lupron was fairly new and that the long term effects were not known, but that they should not experience any side effects with the medication other than maybe a few hot flashes here and there. I was also given a second option for my daughters which would require them to cut a small incision in their arm so that they could place an implant in their arm that would slowly release medication, but it would only last a year. They also informed me that, that route was even newer then just the shot and that they didn't know what any symptoms or long term effects would be. So I made the difficult decision to place both of my children on the Lupron injections. Thinking that since Lupron was a little older than the implant if anyone had symptoms, then the medication would be recalled. I couldn't have been more wrong.

So that it don't get confusing, I am going to try to explain it this way, In 2010 my oldest daughter who is now 9, started on Lupron. She was getting the shots once a month and everything seemed fine. Then within a few months she began to complain her legs and arms hurt her. I told her it was only growing pains and dismissed it as such. Then she began complaining of bladder problems... She was complaining it was hard for her to pee and sometimes it hurt her to pee so on multiple occasions she was seen by her primary because of these problems. Then she began to do this weird thing with her leg and hip. Out of the blue one day she began to pop it in and out of place. So again, I take her to the doctor's and I was told she was double jointed and it was no biggie.

So that it don't get confusing, I am going to try to explain it this way, In 2010 my oldest daughter who is now 9, started on Lupron. She was getting the shots once a month and everything seemed fine. Then within a few months she began to complain her legs and arms hurt her. I told her it was only growing pains and dismissed it as such. Then she began complaining of bladder problems... She was complaining it was hard for her to pee and sometimes it hurt her to pee so on multiple occasions she was seen by her primary because of these problems. Then she began to do this weird thing with her leg and hip. Out of the blue one day she began to pop it in and out of place. So again, I take her to the doctor's and I was told she was double jointed and it was no biggie.

From there her emotional state took me on a roller coaster ride. I went from having this young, sweet, loving, well mannered child, to a kid I didn't know half of the time. Her attitude and just plain disrespect was becoming too much for me to handle! She would also get very emotional over the silliest things and then become enraged and on numerous occasions I'd ask her why she was acting the way she was and she'd cry and tell me she didn't know and that she couldn't help it. She'd say it felt like something took over her body.

So me not knowing, I thought nothing of it and just put it off as her being a kid as well as the hormone changes she was going through so I left it be. From there she began to experience dizziness, tiredness, cramps, complaining her vagina hurt, constipation and the list continues. It got to the point she was in so much pain everyday that she would come home from school and go right to her room and lay in her bed almost all day because her body hurt so bad. Than she started complaining about her jaw hurting her as well as having stomach pains so bad she would say it felt like her stomach was going to blow up. So I took her again to the doctor's, they said they thought she just had a stomach bug, but when the doctor looked at her jaw, she told she wants me to take her to a orthodontist because she believes she had developed tmj..

Now on to my youngest, She's now eight and she also was getting the Lupron injections since 2011. She had all of the same symptoms as my older daughter, but her list of problems doesn't stop there. She had missed so much, time from school (ruffly two months or so) that I literally had truancy letters coming to my home. She kept getting unexplained low grade fevers that would sometimes last a week. I took her to the doctors on so many occasions for these fevers and they could never understand why she had it or why it kept coming back. At first they thought she just had a virus, than they thought it might have been meningitis because her neck was hurting her really bad as well. Than they plainly told me they didn't know what it was from and to take her home, but if the fever continued she would have to be hospitalized.

I literally felt like my back was against the wall and I had no one to turn to for answers. My baby was sick and no one knew why. Her school didn't even understand and I was told to send her to school with the fever because she was missing to much time.(Uh! Not this mama) Luckily the fever eventually went away, but the nightmare was far from over. She started experiencing low blood pressure to the point her doctor's office asked me to buy a blood pressure machine to monitor her blood pressure at at home. She began to experience car sickness to the point that the five minute drive from her school to our house was making her sick.

Then somewhere in the middle of all of this she began spitting up brown stuff.. It became a daily thing for her so the doctors put her on acid reflux medication which did seem to work. Than she began making weird noises at night while she was laying in bed, It almost sounded like she was out of breath so i'd ask her why she was doing it and she'd tell me she kept feeling like it was hard for her to breath.

Now let's fast forward to a few months ago. She had her yearly check up and because I had rescheduled her appointment we got to see a doctor was new to that hospital and thank god we did! The follow up was the norm. but somehow we got to talking about her neck and the problems she was having with it. Right off the bat, he felt a lump in her neck. The same lump I took her to the doctors office for on so many occasions and was told there was nothing there. This was also the same side of her neck that hurt her right before she would get all those unexplained fevers. I was so relieved that someone else finally felt the same thing i felt that i literally wanted to just break down right then and there and cry.

So he asks me if she had diabetes and I told him no. He asked if she had the signs for onset diabetes and I told him no again. So he feels her neck again and tells me he believes it's her thyroid gland and that he wanted her to have an ultrasound done on it to see exactly what it was. (A few days later she got an ultrasound done and the doctor said her thyroid gland looked really good. So we still aren't sure what it is) But that night, After leaving the doctors office suddenly all the pieces began to fit. My girls were in perfect health before being put on Lupron. This medication had put my kids through so much crap that I could have literally thrown up.

Once I pulled myself together, I started doing my research and I began to uncover the hidden truths about this medication. I also found out that all of the symptoms my children were experiencing, So many others were also experiencing the same symptoms as well. They are getting away with giving people and even worse children a form of chemo and we are not informed of this. I am so infuriated at this company and the hospitals allowing it to come through their doors! Why aren't we told exactly what this medication is? Why hasn't anyone that has filed a lawsuit won? Why can't they connect all of the problems and symptoms of this medication? Why is the FDA not looking into this drug when so many people have contacted them and asking them to look into it and pull it off the shelves?

I have called so many medical malpractice lawyers that i began to forget who i had called and who i didn't. Yet, No one had heard about this medication and no one wanted to get involved either. But why? One of the lawyers, After hearing everything i told him was so baffled by the things i had told him when he hung up with me he did his own research and called me back within ten minutes to tell me that he cannot believe that they are giving this drug (a form of chemo) to children and he was going to look into it further, but that he didn't think he could take the case but told me to continue to call every malpractice firm I could find and see if anyone had already began to handle any cases involving Lupron.

Since then, I have stopped my children from getting the Lupron injections altogether. They got the implant placed into their arm two weeks ago and so far there has been no issues whatsoever $6. They don't even feel it in their arm. Let me also add that all the aches and pains my children were experiencing while on Lupron have now, for the most part subsided and they are for the most part back to the young healthy children they were prior to the Lupron. So please for your child's sake, Do intense research on these medications before choosing one if you are faced with that decision.


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