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The Challenges Faced by Parents of an Autistic Child

Updated on January 25, 2011

A Simple Story

Here's another installment of my friend's parenting experience with his autistic child. We thought it will be useful to share with you all.

Facing the Truth


As years went by, my wife began to realize the extend of Keet’s speech disorder problems. After consulting the doctor at KK Hospital, Dr. Lian, and referral to the Psychiatrist, she soon found out that her child had Autism. It’s a major blow to her. Not being able to fully understand what’s Autism about

Comparing Keet with his peers, cousins, he will always be the odd one out. This is simply too depressing for her as she always wanted a bright boy. She started blaming herself and specially me, for Keet’s illness, neglecting the family for years. Despite all the arguments and quarrels, I still had to travel frequently due to job nature.


Finding the Determination

My wife was often over harsh with Keet. Once when she went overboard and knew that Keet was badly affected by it, she broke down and cried, hugging him so tightly, telling herself not to do it again. She was so guilty and ashamed of herself. What she saw was a helpless 3 years old child crying in front of her. What had she done wrong to deserve this? She begged the child for forgiveness although Keet might not fully understand what had just happened.

At age 3, Keet speech was limited and what really knocked me was the day when I returned from oversea and Hui brought Keet to the airport to fetch me. Keet first word, “Pa….pa…”. It was till then as I realized that I had not being doing the right thing as a father. The word “dad” or “papa” had not been significant in my life. Looking into Keet eyes,

I am determined to do something for him. I decided to quit the job. I had talk to my company about my problem and was fortunate that there are a vacancy in the manufacturing dept that does not required me to fly. Now that I'm not required to travel overseas, I was able to work out a plan with my wife. We started to bring Keet for therapy. It took courage but my wife confided about her previous attitude towards Keet and I knew I had done the right thing to stand by them. I knew that spending more time with my family and showering love for my son is much more important than anything else in this world

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    • stevenho128 profile image

      stevenho128 6 years ago

      Thank you for sharing your experience and your kind words :>

    • Amez profile image

      Amez 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

      My Heart, goes out to anyone who has to cross that line, to wether to take the bull by the Horns, or pass the buck. It wonderful to see that both you and your wife chose to give the situation all that you had within you, Im sure you already see what you have brought forth. I have seen several other families give your plight the same deication, one thing I saw that empressed me was how one family filmed the family doing allot of things together, being that there was two brothers and a sister moving around with steve, who also had Autism and was now 5, they found that when he would watch these films, he seemly want to copy or memmick his brothers, that it helped him to correct allot of his physical unbalance and cordinational skills. especially sense he wanted to watch them over and over again, he did the same thing when his dad worked with tools, he wanted todo the same thing.He even lighted copyingwhat the doctors did to him at office visit. I'm sure you you know about things,but I just thought someoneelse might find them worth trying. Ed