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Parental Sex

Updated on January 9, 2016

How Long Has It Been?

I know that some people are very reserved when it comes to talking about sex, but let's be honest, it happens. I know that I used to be one of those people who never spoke about sex, to anyone. Since I have had kids, I've noticed that it makes it a lot harder to be intimate with the man I love. While my husband has a much better memory than I do, we both realize when it has been a long while since we have had time to ourselves. While the kids are old enough to entertain themselves for a good amount of time, they are still in the house most of the time. Plus, with us both having full time jobs, more often than not, we each work at opposite times of the day. We both began to notice that there seemed to be more sexual tension between us. He also brought it to my attention, that we were averaging our intimacy at once a month. We both made the decision that this needed to change, now.

Learning How to Make Time

My husband and myself have learned to find time to ourselves. While we are not able to pay for a babysitter at this time, so we are having to make due with what we have. Yes, we have to wake up a little earlier on the weekends, or stay up a little later than usual, but we are sure to still have our time together. This just makes our time together, that much more special to us each. Each and every household is different in their situations, but there is always a way, if people are willing to work for their relationship. When a mother and father can keep their relationship as strong as possible, then the children will be able to see how much they love each other. Those children are less likely to have anger and trust issues, as they grow up, and become adults themselves. With a stronger relationship, both parents are happier and more likely to be more productive and more positive. When the children get a little older, obviously they will realize that this is going on between their parents, and will think that it is gross. They will eventually come to realize that this is just part of life and accept that it does still happen.


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