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Parenting 101, Tips and Advice

Updated on October 17, 2016

Having kids is the easy part!

Are you a parent who might be looking for a little help? I know I can use all the help I can get. I figured I wasn't the only parent who might be a little overwhelmed by raising children. So here is a little advice from the trenches. Who am I? A Dad! I have twin 3 1/2 year olds and a 16 month old, all boys. Needless to say my house is very busy! I am always looking for ways to be a more effective parent. It seems like just yesterday I was a single bachelor looking for love. Now, I am a Dad with three kids and I know parenting is not easy. I figured other people are probably just like me and looking for a little help with their own kids. So here are a few lessons on parenting that I have learned along the way. It's funny how you can learn new advice and tricks to help with parenting, but to make them stick you have to remember them and use them often. I like to revisit lessons I have learned because I know I forget. I am writing this so I can remember and I can come back and remind myself. So feel free to stop by anytime and I hope you find something useful to help you as a parent.

Parenting, some of the best and most stressful moments in life!

When I became a Dad I was so excited and proud at first. Then the fear of being a parent set in and I wondered if my little babies would last a week with me. I knew I always wanted to be a daddy, but when the time finally arrived I didn't really know how. I was banking on my love of kids to take care of it all. Well, for all of the parents out there who feel like me, felt like me, or for all you soon to be parents. I decided to assemble some helpful information and tips on how to be a good parent, practical advice, what to expect, tricks and tips, and more. I can tell you from my short experience so far that being a parent has given me some of the greatest moments of joy in my life, but being a parent has also given me moments of stress, frustration, fear, and exhaustion. I can tell you every hard minute of being a parent is worth it a thousand times over for all that you receive in return with the love and the hugs and kisses you get back from your little ones. Some of you might be questioning me on this, but I can say this because I have not had to deal with teenagers yet! I hope you find some useful information here. Please leave comments, tips, or advice if you would like to. Happy Parenting!

I Love "Love and Logic"

Now if only I could remember to apply it all the time!

My wife and I have checked out several resources to help us with parenting skills. We have attended parenting classes and I will admit that I am no pro. I am still learning. However, I do feel like I can recommend some really great resources to help. One of those resources is, "Parenting with Love and Logic," by Foster Cline and Jim Fay. This book is absolutely amazing if you have not heard of it already.

Parenting can be a joy or a nightmare...

Parenting really can be the greatest joy or seem like a nightmare you want to wake up from. I know as a parent I have felt both of those feelings. First of all, it is okay to get frustrated and to feel like you need a break. It is natural to feel like you are a terrible parent and horrible person for wanting time for yourself. For instance, it is 7 am and my boys decided to play with remote control cars that make laser shooting sounds that their grandpa bought for them. I can feel the headache mounting from these noisy toys right now. I am having one of those I wish I could escape to somewhere quiet moments right now. So how do you make life more peaceful? I am not talking about no noise, but about making life easier with your kids by avoiding the constant battles with your kids. One key aspect is teaching your kids responsibility.

That is after all the big question many parents have, "How do I raise my kids to be responsible adults?" Love and Logic is a parenting book about teaching kids responsibility through giving them choices. It is about building a relationship with your kids on love and trust. Love and Logic helps put the fun back in parenting. I would highly recommend this book for all parents as a must read.

Successful parents allow their kids to fail. When kids are younger most decisions they can or will make are not life threatening. The stakes for failing are lower when kids are younger. As they grow older the stakes get higher, sex, drugs, driving responsibly... Wouldn't it be better to let your kids fail and learn what it means to accept responsibility for their actions at a younger age so they gain the ability to think ahead about decisions they make and the impact their decisions might have on their life?

The key is allowing kids to fail through SLO's or Significant Learning Opportunities. Some people might also refer to this as natural consequences.

These are just a few of the tips in "Parenting with Love and Logic." The book outlines these tips in greater detail and I promise you won't be disappointed with all the great advice you will find.


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