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Parenting Advice For Dealing With A Stubborn Child

Updated on September 23, 2013
A Stubborn Child
A Stubborn Child

If your child is stubborn, his behaviors may certainly pose a challenge to whatever parenting ideas you have. You may therefore start browsing the Internet for learning the appropriate parenting tips for dealing with the child. But, after your research, you may conclude that straightforward methods may not work or yield the results you wish to have. Therefore, you are advised not to make futile attempts like indulging in verbal combats with your child.

This does not mean that you should be manipulative when you try to tackle your stubborn child. You must rather adopt a smart approach. There are different parenting styles and so, you can call this as a "smart approach to parenting" and include in that list.

This approach involves handling the child with a calm disposition, with respect and of course, with a lot of creativity. For acquiring these parenting skills, it is not necessary that you must attend parenting classes and acquire a degree. But, this is more of a common-sense approach.

Once your child has started understanding things, you must include him or her in all the decisions that are related to his day-to-day activities and habits. This means that you should give him a few choices and ask his opinions. If you cleverly include what you want in the choices you offer, there are chances of the child choosing that particular option you have desired him to do. The child may be happy also because he has been allowed to make choices.

If your child is in the habit of keeping the toys scattered here, there and everywhere, you can act as if you are throwing a challenge to him by telling him that it is impossible to clear everything in five minutes. Stubborn children always like challenges. So, the child may clean up everything well before the time allotted. The next day, you can give lesser time for tidying up the place. You can use the rewarding strategy for encouraging the child to take up such small challenges.

You can make the child feel privileged by asking him if it is possible for him to be your assistant for the day. You can get him do all the small chores by playing this trick.

When you deal with your stubborn child, you must be positive-minded. Only then, you will adopt a positive approach and will be able to speak encouraging words. Obstinate kids may never yield to threats. For example, you must say, "once you finish this task, you can go and play" instead of using words like "unless you do this, you cannot go out for playing". For making your child willingly get into the bed for sleeping, you can use the strategy of telling stories.

Another excellent parenting advice is that you must offer options to make the child do the task you wish him to do. Experts on parenting opine that if you establish a good connection with your child, you may be able to make him do whatever you say. This means that you should involve yourself with whatever your child is doing and once the child expresses his liking of your involvement, you can put forth your requirements.

Parenting mainly involves making the child eat good and nutritious foods. The first point you should remember is that you cannot expect the child to eat large portions of such meals. You must start with small portions and then, develop the habit slowly. But, you must never pressurize the child to eat such foods. Instead, you can talk about extraneous things and try to give them tiny portions of the foods at the right moment. You must never lose your temper. This will certainly have negative effects.

Even for making the child do his homework, the best parenting strategy is to break down the homework into smaller parts. This will make things easy both for you and the child. There should be breaks between these small parts. This strategy will convert these sessions into fun sessions.


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    • Pratisha profile image

      Pratisha 3 years ago from Ahmedabad

      Useful read.

      Psychology says that to like a food, a child needs to eat it 20 times.The small portion advice is very useful in that case.

    • Your Cousins profile image

      Your Cousins 4 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Great idea about chunking the homework into smaller sections to make it easier for a child to handle. Also, I have tried the quick clean-up challenge and it works. Great Hub, voted Up and Useful.