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Parenting: Being a Good One

Updated on April 25, 2013

Parents are responsible for providing their children with a warm and safe environment. That is what it means to be a parent. It is also the duty of the parent to educate their children with the way of the world and prepare them for the future ahead.

This is how parenting is viewed. They're supposed to show the children love, and care for them, provide them with food and simply do what can best be done for the children's well fare, or what is best for the child. It is through showing them such warmth that children are able to grow up healthy and strong.

Parents can educate their children, simply by talking to them and guide them along. Simply talking to the child, or interacting with the child from the time he, or she, is born, allows the child to eventually master speech, and grow up to know what is right or wrong, and how society works. The importance of parents interacting with their children cannot be stressed enough, as it is the behavior of the adults that is the strongest influence over how children might turn up when they grow up.

Just Google child negligence, watch the news, read a textbook, and you will find just how devastating the results are.

Children neglected for a long number of years since birth, could end up not growing mentally, and the damage CAN be permanent if nothing is done. They would not be able to talk or interact with other people their age when they grow up. Sometimes the negligence could be fatal, either because of malnutrition or because the psychological trauma was too much, but all the time, scarring.

Warmth from a parent while growing up is so extremely important. Without it, a child can grow up to be short-tempered, wild, and unsociable. An experiment was done with baby monkeys that proves that. Google it if you don't believe.


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