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Parenting Blogs by Parents

Updated on March 23, 2013

Being a parent can be tough. The trial of raising children comes with all kinds of challenges. It's not always easy to know what to do in every parenting situation and sometimes you need help. Hearing from other parents who are in the same boat as you is always useful. Luckily, the internet makes this super easy.

There are millions of mommy and daddy bloggers out there on the web. All of them are sharing their experiences of parenthood. Some of them make money from their blogs, others do it just to share their own stories to whoever is interested. Here's a pick of ten blogs written by parents.



Rebecca Levy is a mother of twin girls. She writes about parenting on her personal blog Beccarama.

The blog has helpful tips on health, education, travel and things to do with kids in New York City.


Girl's Gone Child

Los Angeles based mother of four Rebecca has been blogging about motherhood on Girl's Gone Child since 2005.

As well as daily posts on family life, her blog includes videos with discussions about parenting.



Mother of eight - yes, that's right, EIGHT - Annie Spratt is a prolific blogger. Annie has a number of websites, which she somehow finds to manage when she's not busy parenting.

Mammasuaus is a personal blog which has posts on family, blogging and mental health issues.


Older Single Mum

Sometimes parents don't have the support of a partner to help them raise their youngster.

That problem is something which mother of two Anya deals with on her blog, Older Single Mum. Anya says she began the blog, "to give a voice to those of us single mothers who are not feckless teenagers."


Grand New Mom

Grand New Mom is a blog by mother of four Kenja Purkey from Texas. What's unusual about her family situation though is the age difference between her children.

With grown up children, she's already a grandmother. Yet, at the age of 41 though, she gave birth to a baby boy. So now she has a son who is actually younger than her granddaughter. Her blog has posts on pregnancy, parenting, family, friendship and marriage.


PhD in Parenting

How about a more academic take on parenting? Annie has been blogging about parenting, feminism and social change since 2008.

Annie jokes that she's working on a PhD in Parenting. I's not a real one, she's quick to admit, but she does "spend a lot of time thinking, hypothesizing, researching, experimenting and failing."


Me, The Man & The Baby

British mother of two Emma writes for Me, The Man & The Baby. She chose the blog name before baby number two came along. She updates her site fairly regularly with fresh posts on breastfeeding, bringing up baby, living with a toddler and family travel in the UK.


Playing by the Book

Books play a big part in the life of mother of two Zoe. Her blog Playing by the Book includes reviews of children's books. There are also posts and photographs recording the activities that the books have inspired.

It's really interesting browsing through the themes of all the books that Zoe and her girls have enjoyed.


Retro Mummy

Australian mother of five Corrie loves craft activities. Her blog Retro Mummy has the tagline: baking and making with a family of 7.

She started her blog back in 2006, using it as a way of sharing knitting projects with her family. As well as posts on babies and family, she writes about knitting, sewing, quilting and baking.


Patch of Puddles

British mother Merry says that her blog, Patch of Puddles, gets its name because her family have become known as the Puddles. The blog illustrations show her family as a set of chicks.

Merry and her Max had a baby son who, sadly, died when he was 11-days-old. This blog, which has the tagline: 'Educating the PuddleChicks, Living Without Our Baby Boy,' includes posts on neonatal loss and home schooling.


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