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How to Raise Happy Children

Updated on July 4, 2017

I have prepared some tips for moms and dads that are actually very simple but useful. Do not forget about these tips, and you will raise happy and confident kids!

So How to Raise Happy Children:

-Always start with yourself. Try to relax, sleep enough, eat healthy food, do sport. Firstly, show your children a good example.

-Watch your emotions. Try not to be too stressed out. Try to take a sensible look at things and stay calm.

-If your kid misbehaves, most likely, he or she feels unloved, angry or frustrated. Kids just don’t know how to tell us about their problems with words like adults do. So, it’s their way of sending you an SOS.

-Do not remind them of their shortcomings. No comparisons with other children! It can lower their self-esteem. Appreciate the good qualities of your kid, help he or she to achieve their goals.

-If you want your kids to respect your requests and decisions – respect them.

-Accept your child exactly as he or she is. Do not try to change him or her completely. Do not ruin his or her life, by forcing them to live your way. Children should also be given the right to choose their path and live their dreams.

-Communicate with a child in a calm and loving way. Never yell.

-Criticize or praise actions of a child but not him or her. For example, do not say "You're bad", but "What you did in this situation is bad."

-Also, look at their eyes when talking.

-Show your children that they are an important part of the family. Give them small tasks so that they can feel that they are useful and important.

Teach them to take responsibility for their choices and actions.

-Remember that kids should be raised in a positive environment.

-If you want your child to be confident, happy and able to enjoy life, take these rules into consideration.

Share your tips in comments :)


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