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Parenting Never Ends

Updated on July 9, 2011
Even a mother squirrel knows when to move her baby to safety.
Even a mother squirrel knows when to move her baby to safety.

I remember when I was only ten years old, and I always knew I would become a mother one day. I knew I would adopt two children and have one of my own. Well I can now say that vision did come true. I look back now on life, and realize I knew that I reflected on it at a young age. Over the years you get use to diapers, time schedules, doctor appointments, and then it becomes school events to look forward to. If it is not football for the boys, dolls,baton and dance for the girl, then you have something else to look forward to. I look back on those years and thought to myself that one day my children would grow up and leave home and mom would be mom wondering what to do next. At least that was the idea in life. However, my son had to have a family, a heart attack, eight stents, and by pass surgery. I look on his life and always wondered, if I was needed and realized he could not do without his mom. I always worried about losing him to a heart attack that he would never come back from. Strange thing happened... I had a police officer come to my door and tell me my son was dead. I was shocked because I said to him ,"no my son is in his room, and he said no mame... this is your Georgia son. He was hit by a train and his car flipped 5 times. I remember that feeling of shock. He was 40 years old, and I look back about how it was a miracle his little girls were not in the automobile at the time. Yes he was my adopted son, but my heart says I will never see him as anything but my son of whom I shall always be proud I adopted.

Then, I have my own natural daughter that I have battled all kinds of illness with her and many surgeries, and I think to myself, when does a mother quit being a mother? I realize there is no end to a mom's love and devotion. A mom will do what she has to for her kids. I guess you can say as long as mom is alive, then her work is never done. I say that as a mother, but then there is the father. They also feel as I do. A father's love never stops, and he is also willing to do what he must in order to help his kids and family.

I now reflect on my own mother and father and realize that when I was hurt or in pain, then my mother held my hand, and was there for me when I was sick. All seemed better for me with her gentle touch. I look on my life and I see my mom in me. I can never give up my children, and my son went to be with the father above. It does not end my love, but I am stronger for having loved him. I guess you can say that a good parent will make their children independent as possible, but always stand up for them no matter how old they are. or what you must help them face. I say to mothers and fathers that the most important thing in life is to love your children for better or worse days, for one day hopefully they will love you as much as you loved them. Maybe your memory will go on in their own families. For life goes on from generation to generation, and the legacy is that of which you make it.


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