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Parenting: Over Educated and Under Prepared

Updated on August 10, 2017

Let Me Start Off By Saying.....

I was that person. You know the one..... The person who read twenty different "What to expect" books and thought they were going to be completely prepared to be a parent. The person that has a lot of friends with babies or a lot of nieces and nephews so they automatically know they are going to be awesome at parenting. I'm sure it was hilarious to watch when I realized there is no amount of education that can be given to prepare you for what parenting actually means and the responsibility that comes with it.

My Description Of Parenting.......

People who don't have kids will not understand what I am about to describe but I guarantee most parents will know exactly what I mean when I write this. Parenting is the most disgustingly beautiful thing that will every be experienced and this literally starts the moment you enter the hospital to deliver your child. First of all, I have never looked at a child covered in something that resembles cottage cheese and thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever witnessed. But when I delivered my son that day finally came and now I find new things everyday about my little one that both amaze me and gross me out at the same time. Watching my child smile when he is covered in a custard mix of chicken and peas that smells like dog food is adorable and before having a child I can guarantee you I probably would be disgusted but something inside of you just changes when you become a mom or dad. You learn to accept all of the things in life for their beauty even if it doesn't seem like there is a single beautiful thing about it. Another thing is being a parent will make you laugh uncontrollably at the most inappropriate moments. I have never laughed as hard as when my child peed all over his father while changing his diaper. Only when you are a parent will you laugh about one human peeing all over another one. Or the first time you ever have to strip your kid down butt nakey and stick them under a shower because they made a complete explosion in their pants and its just too much for a wipe or even a box of wipes to handle. Its disgusting. But the moment your holding this baby up to a shower head and they just stare at you while you are trying to clean them up is hilarious and precious all at the same time. Parenting is far from what I expected but I am ok with that.

My Biggest Lesson So Far......

There have been many lessons I have learned in the last 8 months of being a mom and I am sure there at least a million more to learn in the future. I'm sure you are reading this saying "Eight months, Oh just wait she has no idea" and I know eight months barely scratches the surface of raising a tiny human but I am learning to just go with it and write my experiences as I go. Anyways...... The biggest lesson I have learned is parenting means taking things one thing at a time. Learning as you go is the best method I have found as a parent. No matter how many books you read, they will never prepare you for the sleepless nights, the emotional stress, your kid pooping in the bath tub, and the over all realization that you have no idea what the heck you are doing. Being a parent isn't something you can plan, it won't fit perfectly in your schedule, and it definitely isn't predictable. No matter how much knowledge you think you have there will always be something you will run into that you never expected and that your self help book probably NEVER taught you. And the biggest part of this is that it is 100% ok to not know what you are doing because every parent has had this moment at least once since having their little bundle of joy. You are not alone in the slightest.

So Here Is My Advice.....

Just go with it. The best way to learn is going to be when you are thrown into a situation unexpectedly and probably at the worst possible time but you just have to embrace it because that is your only option. With social media I feel like parents are judged so harshly and there are so many this vs. that articles out there that parents have forgotten there is not a cookie cutter for being a parent. Just because somebody else says something is what is supposed to be healthiest or most accepted for your child doesn't mean it is going to be the best option for you. So co sleep if it is easier for you, breastfeed in public, don't breastfeed at all, vaccinate your kids or don't. It is your choice not social medias or other random peoples. And my biggest advice out of everything is when somebody judges the way you parent just give them the finger because in all honesty......The way you raise your kids is nobody else's damn business.

Thank You!

For taking a minute to read my article and if you take anything away from this I hope it is that there is no set way to parent your kids. To each their own and so on. As parents, lets focus on the good moments one another have and stop being so hard on each other. Everyone has their own opinions and that is okay! Now, please take a moment to comment on this and share your bed parenting moment or your funniest. Lets share stories and embrace all of the unexpected moments of parenthood!


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