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Parenting Styles- Authoritarian

Updated on March 28, 2011

The Battle Begins

Authoritarian parents set standards they expect their children to fufill. These adults are usually perfectionists, have control issues, or believe this is how a house is run. What kind of expectations do they hold? "You must make an A on this test". This is also code for, "you must make an A on a test in your worst subject". They are very active and usually use the weekends to clean the house and get the child to help out instead of visiting people their own age.

These children will not know how to respond in public. Sometimes they grow to be socially insecure. A few have anger management issues while others are exceptionally shy to others. It depends on the childs personality to how they will respond to authoritarian parenting. Those with strong personalities and values will either fight their parents for control or will agree with their parents. Those with shy personalities will obey their parents wishes. They might attempt to retaliate but these attempts will be futile and small.

Some of these parents homeschool their child. Not all children are cut out for homeschooling and this creates more issues.

The Worst of the Worst

A parent who controls their child to a drastic degree.

An authoritiarian parent demands respect and silence. If they are angered or upset, the child might flinch or cower. This is due to abuse, though most families are able to hide these signs. They are used to the abuse. They consider these actions normal. The family might have already attempted a way out. The wife has asked for help from the police, or the child has threatened to call social services. Most children never call. Why? Fear, their parents have threatened against this before. However some children call the government just to get their parents taken away or in trouble showing who is in charge of the family.

Why not?

 Authoritative is the worst out of three parenting styles. Some parents disagree, but of course those are the parents who use this method. However, I was brought up in this style and have a history with the technique. Using high standards will make the child disappointed in themselves if they cannot rise to those expectations. Some children, myself included, get tired of the game. They then ignore the belief in achievement and will go where they think they belong in society. Why live for your parents expectations? You should have and live up to your own.


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