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Parenting Tips – How to discipline 3 and 4 year old children

Updated on October 12, 2010

For all of us children are precious and dear to our hearts. We cherish every moment from the time they are born. We want to raise our kids in the best possible manner we know.

After the baby is born, the initial months will be both exciting and exhausting. It will be exciting because you enjoy the baby every moment and experience the once in a life time moments.  These moments are priceless. It will be exhausting because, you will have to work extra hard to keep up with your normal schedule in addition to taking care of baby (like feeding, bathing etc.). 

Once they reach the age of 18 months are so, they start doing things they like. He will touch and play with the items you don't want him to touch. His curious mind wants to explore things and touch and feel everything he sees. You feel like he is not listening to you and you need to find out a way to discipline him. May be that’s they call it as terrible two.

Disciplining children
Disciplining children

Different type of personalities

Each kid is different. Some will be very aggressive and others will be very quiet and calm. In my observation, boys are more destructive than girls of same age group. Keep 4 or 5 boys in a house for couple hours in the house and see what happens next. You will have half a day of work to clean up the mess they create.

At this point, some parents complain about their kids and how wild they are. Others find ways and techniques to discipline them.

Apply the following parenting tips to discipline your kids. I found these tips effective for 3 and 4 year old children.


When your child is not doing what you are telling him to do, tell him that you are going to give him a surprise when he finishes the task. This definitely encourages him to do his job quickly without postponing any longer. This works like a charm with my son and he could not wait to get the surprise we promised.

Join in the fun

Kids like company. When you ask your kid to do something while you are doing your work, he would not be very excited. But when you sit with him and involve in the work he does, he gets excited to do the job. May be you can add some creativity and make it fun to do. Do you think kids love to learn numbers when you teach counting with candies? Absolutely.

Make it productive

My son does his home work and whatever we ask him to do. But whenever he finds some leisure time, he wants to watch YouTube in my laptop or iPhone. If he is watching too much kids related videos (like Disney characters), I make him watch educational videos such as additions and subtractions. He might as well learn something while watching the videos.

Express it

Some times expressing your frustration directly to your child does the job, instead of you getting irritated. They will understand and cooperate with you. Also kids can’t wait to grow up. When you say big boys don’t do so and so, they immediately stop doing it.

Punishment for improper behavior

If everything else fails, this should be your last resort. If your kid is behaving crazy and you ran out of patience, you can tell him that you will punish him if doesn’t listen to you. Most likely this statement gets his attention. If he ever got spanking earlier, he will really understand what you mean.


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    • Sekharg profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from USA


      Thanks for visiting my hub and leaving a comment. As every parent I am learning on a daily basis. I feel like 'incentives' & 'making it fun' working better for me.

    • Dardia profile image

      Darlene Yager 

      7 years ago from Michigan

      This is very good information. Most children respond well to this form of upbringing.


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